Harlem Globewhatters?

Talking to a young South African hottie this evening. Happened to mention the Harlem Globetrotters. She had NO idea WTF I was talking about. She knows who Kobe Bryant is. She knows who Snuffleupagus is. How the fuck can someone not know The Globetrotters? They had a Saturday morning cartoon for chrissakes!
Forgive her Meadowlark, she knows not what she does.


4 Responses

  1. If you think about it, perhaps a team of unbeatable black basketball players who criss-cross the globe repeatedly humiliating the white team they play (‘The Generals’, for the uninitiated) with their superior abilities would garner a lot of press in the South Africa that your young, hot, presumably white South African friend grew up in.

  2. oops, WOULDN’T garner

  3. She’s actually Taiwanese SAfrican. The Globetrotters are international sporting and cultural ambassadors – sorta like John Wayne or Gene Kelly…everyone knows who they are.
    They’re the Globetrotters!

  4. Perhaps the Harlem Goebbeltrotters know something about this

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