Caught a podcast – PZ Myers, scourge of the creationist ID fuckwits, responding a day later to Ray Comfort.
I’ve been lurking about Myer’s blog for awhile (he even linked to my Mormon bit – such traffic neither before or since), but had never, you know, heard his voice. I was expecting something more like James Earl Jones.
In any case, this perfectly reasonable guy – sounds about 5’8″ and a half – spent the whole time pretty much being a biological Carl Sagan. Myers answered all questions, rebutted his opponents case politely (if deservedly dismissively) and eloquently presented the case for accepting science, evolution and the understanding it provides as not only true but supported by mountains of evidence, in about as cogent and presentable a manner as might be possible.
Peez ain’t only smart, he’s downright presentable.
Can anatomically correct cephalopod action figures be far behind?


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