Impeach Bush?

Here’s the thing. Even if an article of impeachment were brought to a vote…even if it passed, wouldn’t it be like beating the fuck outta the kid who struck out last?
The argument for years has been that George is an incompetent idiot; a dim bulb just dumb enough to repeat whatever he’s told by his puppet masters and just smart enough not to eat the laundry detergent.
Holding the poster boy responsible in an impeachment hearing would be mere window dressing – barely the appearance of justice and leaning heavily to misplaced vengeance.
If one really wanted to hold those responsible accountable, one would need to indict Cheney, Rove, Gonzalez, Wolfowitz and Rice at a bare minimum. Making Dubya wear it all and leaving those fuckers untouched would only encourage the neocons. They would instantly realize they can get away with literally anything, so long as they conduct business from the shadows, keep no records, refuse to answer any questions and hang a buffoon out in front of the parade.
Speaking of leading from the shadows with a buffoon in front, welcome to the raison d’etre of the McSurge candidacy.


One Response

  1. The buffoon is the Decider-in-Chief. He takes the blame so the others can go free because we all know he will not be impeached.

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