Is John McCain a Fuckwit?

A response to my post “How Stupid is John McCain?”

You seem to have coined a new word; f—wit in describing John McCain.
Do you plan on asking your hero, the Big O, to include that in his campaign literature?
No, I guess you are just angry that McCain’s people got off a good one. People that write as poorly as you generally have no sense of humor.

A good one? Are you kidding? If not, you’re as big a fuckwit as John McSurge.

The GOP morons, with a senile liar approving the message, casts Obama’s energy plan as being singularly based on properly inflated tires (a massive distortion if not an outright lie), makes a stupid joke and pulls a fundraising stunt while McCain’s “plan” is to continue raping the environment and giving Big Oil record profits as the price of oil continues to increase to the point where families cannot heat their homes in winter. 
I can see where this is a situation in which a sense of fucking humour is important. 
And sweaters…also important.

After eight years of neocon Republican fuckwittery, what is it you find so goddamn amusing about this election that the issues ought to be treated as opportunities for a gag? These men are asking to be POTUS, not replace Jay Fucking Leno on The Tonight Show.  Bet you had a great fucking chuckle watching George Bush joke about looking for Iraqi WMDs under the rug in the oval office. 
Hhehehe…must be some WMD’s here somewhere…heheh.
Must be some oil around here somewhere…just gotta go find it…heheehe.

McCain makes a mockery of the process just by running. He was a lousy student, a lousy pilot, a lousy POW, a lousy husband, a lousy Senator…
McSurge was even a lousy GOP candidate!  Rudy’s obsession with 9/11, Huckabee’s ultra-right religious bent and Romney’s Mormonism simply dropped the nomination in the stupid old bastard’s lap by default.

John POW McCain is a weak goddamn apology for democracy – that someone so utterly incompetent could even be considered for such a position; a man whose “achievements” are simply a list of failures he managed to endure: Last in his class, crashed jets, got shot down, got divorced. 
What the fuck has John McCain ever done right the first time?
That’s a pretty dangerous fucking quality to have in a president.  But he got off a good one. 

What’s most depressing about the joy you seem to take in slapping your thighs and guffawing at McCain’s “good one” is that over the course of this campaign the cranky old bastard is batting about .073 at the plate with a fielding error in every fucking inning.  The miserable fuckwit has struck out swinging, fumbled, been repeatedly caught offside, thrown interceptions, stepped out of bounds, had too many men on the field…but you’re happy to see him get some attention even if it’s for a backward ass distortion of simple facts – a LIE wrapped up in a joke.

As for writing poorly, tell me something I don’t know.  These tortured and tortuous scribblings are proof enough of that sad fact.  However, I would prefer to write poorly and think well than the reverse.  At least I won’t be responsible for electing a senile, doddering, cranky, incompetent, phoney, lying sellout like John McCain.  You already wear the eight years of Bush/Cheney…the shame of that ought to at least make you keep your ignorant mouth shut.


2 Responses

  1. You tell them “My Friend”, DEMOCRATS lets rise up and defeat evil. The truth must be told about McSurge the fuckwit. I totally agree that a stupid, incompetent, dunce could even think that he should hold the highest office is just shameful. After Bush, I did not think that Americans would even entertain another dummy for President.

  2. hard to tell what’s worse – dummy or phoney.

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