How Stupid is John McCain?

Senile, lying, doddering fuckwit McSurge is mocking Barack Obama’s common sense by handing out tire pressure guages marked, “Obama’s Energy Policy”.

Obama's Energy Plan

Obama's Energy Plan

McSurge’s presidential campaign and the Republican National Committee are taking issue with Sen. Barack Obama’s (D-IL) recent suggestion that Americans inflate their car tires to save on gasoline.
These bizarro world shit monkeys falsely claim that Obama’s energy policy is based entirely on car maintenance, and have begun selling and handing out tire gauges reading “Obama’s Energy Plan” as part of a fundraising campaign. This is an odd strategy given that just last week McCain agreed with Obama’s position, saying, “My friends, let’s do that“:

McCAIN: [Obama] said that the high cost of gasoline doesn’t bother him only that it rose too quickly. Yesterday, he suggested we put air in our tires to save on gas. My friends, let’s do that. But do you think that’s enough to break our dependence on Middle Eastern oil? I don’t think so.”

Part of McCain’s solution to energy independence and high gas prices is to “immediately” start “drilling off shore.” Such an approach would yield a savings of 6 cents/gallon two decades from now, in addition to putting to the planet in peril. By contrast, car maintenance can save 12 cents/gallon immediately.

So, just to be clear…McCain’s plan to drill offers:

  • No immediate benefit – will not immediately affect prices
  • Small benefit after 20 years – 6 cents per gallon
  • Risk to the environment from drilling
  • Continued harm from wastful consumption


  • Immediate savings of up to 12 cents per gallon
  • No risk to the environment
  • Reduction in consumption = fewer greenhouse gasses 
  • No cost – completely free.

And the GOP mocks him.
Someone ought to let a little air out of McCain…the pressure is clearly getting to him.  I wonder what that guage would read if it were stuck up McSurge’s ass the first time the MSM asks him a relevant question.


11 Responses

  1. You seem to have coined a new word; f—wit in describing John McCain.
    Do you plan on asking your hero, the Big O, to include that in his campaign literature?
    No, I guess you are just angry that McCain’s people got off a good one. People that write as poorly as you generally have no sense of humor.

  2. Well now, that tire gauge looks like something John McCain hasn’t had in his pants since 1980. Your previous respondent thought that distributing these things was a good idea. Apparently that person thinks wasting contributors campaign funds in this frivolous manner is OK . I think it would be more appropriate if they gave out samples of a cleaning product called “1000 flushes”.

  3. There is no choice this year.The crazy assesd democrats have are guilty of spewing their hate for the republicans and have latched on to the watermellon man and his planet of the Apes wife.Good bye america it’s been good to know ya.

  4. Hershel Brown…
    Should I delete this racist, ignorant post? Clearly it was written by someone of diminished capacity, and I have no indication that he received parental permission to play with the computer.
    Can’t spell, doesn’t capitalize…
    Obviously not a thinker: Hate for Republicans?
    WTF? When someone lies you into war, recession and shame, how is one supposed to respond? Bush is too stupid to pour piss out of a boot, and McCain is a doddering, senile fuckwit. I can see how you might relate to them.

  5. And I can see how you can only respond with profane statements that make you sound as if you can’t put together a decent sentence without trash talk.

  6. Profane?
    You asshole! What’s profane is the number of dead since the neocon fuckwits under BushCo lied the country into war; the price of gas, the cost of food, the security of the global financial and environmental future.
    Profane. You panty-twisted moron. Profane is having 20 houses and calling someone else “elite”; being ignorant enough to think drilling will bring down the cost at the pump while exclaiming POW! as if it were a tourettes tic.
    If your objection is restricted to my use of language, you’re the worst sort of straw-man ignoramus. Go fuck yourself.
    If you have some other substantive objection you fail to raise in favour of attacking my language, you’re still a straw-man ignoramus. Either way, the “go FUCK yourself” stands.

  7. Sorry, didn’t know you were psychotic.

  8. That’s not psychosis. It’s a perfectly reasonable refusal to moderate communications when dealing with the terribly stupid. Get over your utterly arrogant foolishness: Step 1 = Make some cogent argument that doesn’t involve ad hominem attacks based on your literary sensitivity.
    Step 2 = Stay at home. Do not read blogs. Your sensitive eyes cannot handle it.
    Step 3 = Go fuck yourself.

  9. Okay, I’ll try. But do the authorities at the asylum know you have access to one of their computers?

  10. Well? We’re waiting!
    Cogent argument?

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