Who You Callin’ Presidential?

It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep the smug grin I carry around inside from spilling gloatingly onto my face; from breaking into a James Brown-esque shuffle step accompanied by a series of hand gestures that perfectly express my unmitigated schadenfreud at watching the entire right-wing, neocon, ditto-head house of bullshit spiralling into a sputtering vortex of apoplectic impotence.

Barack Obama gave a speech on foreign soil.  200,000 people who can’t vote for him turned out to listen.  John McCain couldn’t fill a waffle house in the American heartland, and appeared (at best) out of his element while pretending to grocery shop with a regular, mom-type voter-person.

Leave aside the tortured and twisted attacks on Obama, the lies, the gaffes, the stunted delivery, the inane and insane sound bites that telegraph the sheer desperation of the GOP as their senile, doddering, POW anachronism stumbles from proof that he’s ill-suited to proof that he’s in the early stages of dementia and a cranky fucker to boot…yes, leave all that aside.  Who LOOKS presidential?

“I know how to win a war,” mumbles McCain.  No one asks where he learned that skill.  The one war in which he participated did not go into the books as a win and John S. McBush spent most of that one in the Hanoi Hilton, giving up information and having his armpits sewn to his ribs.  That makes him a hero.  It also prevents him from throwing a football.  Neither of those things are relevant to being POTUS.

McSame gives a purely political speech in Canada, then criticizes Obama for speaking in a foreign country.
McNugget asserts that using the military for partisan political gain is contemptable, then attacks for Obama for refusing to use wounded soldiers for a photo-op.  Imagine the outrage the sputtering old fuckwit would pretend to exhibit had Obama been photographed with wounded soldiers: “Exploiting those brave men and women who sacrificed for a political photo opportunity is despicable!”  No doubt McCain is disappointed that he’s stuck with, “Obama didn’t visit the wounded soldiers – he doesn’t support our troops!” 
Visit them, you’re exploiting them – don’t visit them, you don’t support them. 
No one bothers to point out that if it weren’t for McCain, the doppleganger he wants to replace, and the cadre of Satanic fucktards that inhabit the shadows behind them, those soldiers wouldn’t be wounded in the first place.  Sadly, when those same wounded soldiers get back to America, they won’t have the benefits to which they are morally entitled because McCain voted against the bill.

McJowls blasts Obama’s timeline for withdrawl from Iraq as amounting to unconditional surrender but then adopts it as his own; fucks up the timeline on the Surge / Anbar Awakening then tries to redefine both in order to suit his delusional convictions about historical facts; can’t distinguish between Sunnis and Shiites…
The wizened old cunt has gone well past flip-flopping to outright, unabashed hypocrisy.  America has reached the point where it has gotten used to being lied to by its leaders, and may have achieved some pathological Jack Nicholson state in which it cannot handle the truth.  You can see it on McCain’s face as he shovels more and more shit that even he doesn’t believe to be true.   It’s no longer even a case of being tripped up by the facts.   Between being half senile and half mad, McCain can’t even prevent the lies they tell from contradicting one another.
Bush was, to be charitable, at least arguably stupid enough to honestly believe the crap that tumbled out of his mouth (if not obviously and indisputably so).  Perhaps it was that degree of personal sincerity that allowed Americans to choke it down. 
No longer.  The lies have become so transparent, the countering evidence so overwhelming and America’s belly so stuffed full after eight years on a diet of misinformation, that the old Rovian strategies just won’t work anymore.  That’s not to say those strategies have been retired…it’s just what the GOP is stuck with.  After running the world from the top of a pile of manure for almost a decade, admitting it and promising to tell the truth in the future is simply not a viable alternative. 

So, fuck the polls and CNN’s insistence that this election is still an open question.  John McCain is an incompetent old warhorse who needs to be retired.  He was incompetent on the day of his graduation from the Naval Academy, did nothing in his miltary career to justify the fawning adulation it seems to promote, and is now all too obviously too old for the burden of command much less Commander in Chief.  Add that to the fact that the party he represents has steered America down a fool’s path of bullying, lies, trashing the constitution, chipping away at civil liberties, flushing the economy down the crapper and fanning the flames of extremist rage and hatred, and the stage is set for something more than mere change.

Who looks presidential?
It’s gonna be a landslide.


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