Typhoon Fung-Wong

My only complaint about xckd.com is the MWF update schedule makes getting through T-Th-SS tough.
Loved this one: Upcoming Hurricanes.

Upcoming Hurricanes

Upcoming Hurricanes

Ten days ago a typhoon blew through Taiwan and dumped 1000 mm of rain in some places.  That’s 100 centimeters – just under 40 inches – a fucking YARD-and-then-some of rain.  Two or three inches of rain is a big deal. A foot of rain is extremely dangerous – flash floods, landslides, etc. 
I’ve seen it rain for a week and I’ve seen it rain so hard fish seek shelter.  But a yard of rain?  That’s some biblical shit.  Of course, one tries take such things in stride…adopt a, “Yeah that was some rain, but the wind didn’t really kick up much of a fuss” attitude.
Now another typhoon is steaming right at us.  Fung-Wong (Phoenix) has taken a “Screw-It-Let’s-Just-Trash-Taiwan-Again” line across the Pacific.

Screw It - Let's Just Trash Taiwan Again

Screw It - Let's Just Trash Taiwan Again

These things usually curl up outta the south, but not this one.  It’s been tracking almost due west since impressing all the satellite imagery folks with its apparent size and energy.  A robust category three looking to pick up some velocity.  Glad to have the mountains between it and me, although I’ve seen them come spilling over the peaks before.  That’s a freaky bit of low hanging weather – when the thunder and lightning pile up against the hill before rolling over the top and dropping on the other side.  It comes suddenly and all at once.

In any case, expecting school to be cancelled tomorrow.  Here’s hoping all the boats made it somewhere safe and the villages maintain their precarious grip on the slopes.

Update:  Noon Monday – Taichung
Schools closed, steady rain, no wind to speak of.  Might be bad on the east coast and still could hop the mountains this afternoon, but thus far it’s another heavy weather disappointment.

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