JB Williams – Racist Dickhead

JB Williams wrote an incredibly stupid article with which I here take specific issue.
I shall be cutting and pasting liberally (perhaps I ought to spell that with a capital L) in order to respond to the ignorant crap this fucktard seems proud to pass on to his children.

I realize how politically incorrect it is to single out a specific group of people and acknowledge their overtly foolish behaviors.

This is simply a pathetic attempt to appear fair-minded before launching an unwarranted attack on a broad group of people with only one thing in common – a desire to see Barack Obama elected president. It becomes clear later in William’s article that this bit of convenience barely masks an almost overwhelming desire to call us nigger lovers. We’ll get to that soon enough. First, let’s examine the premise.
Pointing out a GROUP of people – say English football hooligans – and calling their behaviour foolish is no problem. Pointing out that same group of people and attributing their behaviour to being British would be a problem. It is not identifying a group that’s the problem, you ignorant fuckwit, it’s what lies underneath your desire to insult them.

As I have explained to my children, ignorance is the absence of knowledge, but stupidity is the possession of knowledge and the refusal to use it intelligently. As we are talking about obvious fundamental truths here, not nuclear physics, an absence of knowledge is not the problem.
Democrats think Obama is Qualified to be Commander-in-Chief
Yet Democrats can not name a single life achievement, or even a single life experience, which qualifies Obama to be president of the most complex and powerful nation on earth. The man thinks we have 57 states… or so.

The 57 States bit is truly weak. Apparently, Williams is willing to completely overlook the mangling of English by the current Commander in Chief in order to climb aboard a simple slip of the tongue. Does he really think a Harvard educated professor of Constitutional Law doesn’t know how many states there are? Is this part of the argument I’m supposed to take seriously?
JB, your desperation is showing. Talk about having knowledge and refusing to use it! Just what “life experiences” did George Bush bring to the White House? Failed oil man, connections to Saudi Oil money, alcoholism and cocaine use?
Perhaps he’s looking for more airplane crashes, flip-flops, adulterous affairs and signs of senility in a president.
Frankly, unless one has BEEN president, there is no experience that prepares one for the job. It becomes a simple question of which direction ought the country to move and who is most likely to follow the people that way.

For the record, Barack Hussein Obama is a first term U.S. Senator. Obama served only 146 days as a new senator before deciding he was qualified to be president, at which time he largely stopped his duties as senator to campaign for the Oval Office.
Now, where I come from, 146 days of on the job training does not make one an expert on anything. Yet it is Obama’s greatest accomplishment, in terms of qualifications for president

If we accept that Williams is correct here – that experience on the job is what counts most; provides one with the sort of background that best suits being POTUS, then we might as well give the job to Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld. Surely I need go no further than this to let the air out of that idea.
George Bush may have been an imbecilic fucktard who couldn’t pour piss out of a boot, but let’s be honest – it was those most experienced cocksuckers who are truly responsible for the total fucking mess America is in today.

Democrats think Obama is a “Uniter”
A “uniter” of whom? A black community organizer, in the tradition of communist radical racial rabble-rousing, yes. A twenty year member of a black activist church, run by overtly anti-American racist pastors, yes. A friend only to anti-capitalism leftists in search of proletariat control of all private resources and assets, yes. Husband of a woman who only became proud of America for the first time in her life, when it became clear that her husband might become the DNC nominee

Jumped up Jesus on skis! It’s the ghost of Joe McCarthy!
As for the Michelle Obama jab, I find it rather refreshing that the right has been reduced to twisting a single comment, already adequately explained and which made perfect sense to begin with.
I’ve posted about the coming right-wing attacks on Ms. Obama. What’s most disappointing is that this is what JB is proudly passing on to his children as an example of good reasoning and fair political debate. It’s just ugly, weak, pathetic and exactly the sort of bullshit that has made it so very easy for Americans to unite behind Obama in order to get rid of the festering, vicious, prevaricating, Republican, neocon bullshit of the past eight years.
If JB would pull his red-baiting head out of his red, white and blue asshole for a few minutes, he might just notice that what most unites America today is not Barack Obama, but a profound disgust and contempt for the current administration, its laundry list of scandals, lies and embarrassments to the very idea of democracy and the cavalier manner in which they have wiped their ass with the Constitution.

Democrats think Obama knows something about National Security
Yet can anyone list Barack Obama’s national security experience? Does he have military experience? Intelligence gathering experience? What is it on Barack Obama’s empty resume’ which causes Democrat voters to think he knows anything at all about securing a nation of 300 million, or even his own home and family?

Can anyone list George Bush’s national security experience?
Bill Clinton’s? Ronald Reagan’s? Jimmy Carter’s?
What utter bullshit. If this is some thinly-velied attempt to suggest that John McCain is the man we need, I’d prefer someone who didn’t crash a bunch of jets, cheat on his disabled wife, lobby for Charles Keating, bend over backward for pols and hacks, and knows the difference between a Sunni and a Shiite. Apparently, JB wants the bastard child of John Wayne, James Bond, Mata Hari and Charles Bronson to be president.

Once again…and not to put too fine a point on it…it wasn’t the Democrats who got America into this fucking mess. It was fear-mongering, flag-waving fucktards just like JB.

Like all of their misguided beliefs about Obama, they think this solely on the basis of Obama campaign rhetoric. They call him black because he calls himself black; completely ignoring his mother’s white side of the family, as if they never existed.
I suppose I’m a racist for pointing out that Barack Obama Jr. has chosen to ignore the white half of his family entirely, while writing books about the magnificent influence of a black father who abandoned him at the age of two, only seeing once again at the age of nine, before being raised by his white grandparents in the absence of either parent.

“They” call him black?
Democrats, you mean?
JB…what do YOU call him?
Come on, you know you want to say it. Man up. At least be honest enough to stop hinting…beating about the brier patch.
There’s no evidence whatsoever – none – to support the claim that Obama ignores his mother; half his family.
What motivates JB to call up the race issue, invent insulting claims like these and try to pass them off as some sort of balanced argument about qualifications to be president?
Does it not strike him that presenting the statement, “He ignores the white half of his family entirely,” certainly appears racist? I mean, first, it isn’t true, so he’s got that cutting against him.
How does one justify presenting an outright lie, framed in terms of race, and at the same time assert that you’re not a racist?
JB quoted Forest Gump’s mother in his article. Asshole. Allow me to paraphrase: Racist is as racist does. JB ought to be ashamed, the pathetic lump of shit.

Democrats love this socialist driven campaign statement, “Focusing your life solely on making a buck shows a certain poverty of ambition. It asks too little of yourself. Because it’s only when you hitch your wagon to something larger than yourself that you realize your true potential.”

Yeah, that’s just what the founding fathers had in mind – focusing on making a buck. That’s the why the preamble of the Constitution speaks of a more profitable nation and the pursuit of increased revenues.
Christ…how obtuse and myopic does one have to be to roll in such slop and call it thinking debate? What weak-ass drivel.

“In 2002, the year before Obama launched his campaign for U.S. Senate, the Obamas reported income of $259,394, ranking them in the top 2 percent of U.S. households, according to Census Bureau statistics. That year the Obamas claimed $1,050 in deductions for gifts to charity, or 0.4 percent of their income. The average U.S. household [$32,000 income] totaled $1,872 in gifts to charity in 2002, according to the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University.”
My how profitable [greedy] public office can be… “On their just-filed 2006 tax return, Obama and his wife, a hospital administrator, reported taxable income of $983,626 and claimed deductions for $60,307 in charitable donations. In 2005 they earned a combined $1.65 million and gave away about $77,300.”
According to the Center for Philanthropy at Indiana University, even as Obama becomes richer and richer, he continues to give well below the average American.

One notices that JB does not provide income statements for George Bush or John McCain. Of course, the vast Carlyle Group Skull and Bones Saudi Bin Laden connected Bush tax returns would provide little information on the true nature and sources of wealth accumulated by those charitable fuckers.
AND, of course, John and his beer heiress wife file separate tax returns and have an iron-clad pre-nup to keep his crash-test dummy mitts off the family cash.
AND, again of course, one might note that there is a difference between donations and deductions – the former being what one actually gives, the latter representing those for which a receipt is issued and a tax-break taken.
In any event, let’s not let quibbling little things like The Carlyle Group, Haliburton and a beer distribution empire get in the way of cherry-picking factoids and stats to muddy things up.
If I believed in a God, JB, I would swear to it that if you keep this shit up, I’ll drag you out into the street and beat the ever-lovin’ shit out of you.

Obama is Not a Muslim, but rather a Christian
His half brother in Kenya says he was raised Muslim, which should come as no shock to anyone since he is the son of an African Muslim turned atheist father, Barack Obama Sr., who gave him the Muslim middle name Hussein.
His mother was a white atheist from Kansas, who obviously had a thing for black men. After divorcing Obamas father, she married Lolo Soetoro, another East-West Center student from Indonesia, the largest Muslim population in the world.

While I can sense that the only thing worse than a Muslim, in JB’s twisted little mind, is an Atheist, I applaud Obama’s father for rejecting belief in God. I’m not even sure he’s right about this conversion to secularism, but given that the current American Chimp in Chief only pretends to believe in Jesus for the votes it brings in and uses his faith as an excuse to bomb the snot out of innocent civilians because Jesus so directs, one might hope for a change.
“…who obviously had a thing for black men…”?
Oh. No. You. Didn’t!
Are you fucking serious? Did you really say that? A thing for black men?
Now you’re a racist. An obvious, disgusting, filthy, pathetic, brainless asshole racist who desperately needs the severe and sound beating I really, really want to give you.

The name Hussein bothers you?
Does the name George bother you? Perhaps it ought to – it was the name of the King who tried to put down the American Revolution, you ignorant fuckwit. Not without relevance, it’s also the name of the stupidest, most incompetent fucking moron to ever set foot in the White House.

Now, I understand why they are uncomfortable with having anyone point out just how foolish they are behaving, in their blind cheer-leading for the most unqualified individual to ever seek the Oval Office. But at some point, don’t we really have to call it like it is.

Calling it like it is would be easier if we weren’t consistently lied to by the current administration. From Alberto Gonzalez to Harriet Miers to Valerie Plame; from Gitmo to Abu Ghraib (lovely news coming out about torture under the Rumsfeld plan, eh, JB?); from Katrina to Afghanistan to Iraq and Weapons of Mass Destruction, the incompetence of the Republicans has been amply demonstrated despite their bumbling attempts at covering up the misfeasance, malfeasance and nonfeasance of the past eight pathetic, embarrassing years.

JB Williams, you stupid racist fuckwit.
You’re an embarrassment, a stain on the very idea of political discourse and reasoned debate. If you were smarter you’d rise to the putrid level of Ann Coulter or Sean Hannity, but you’re not. I’m not sure how I came to read your disgusting, racist, foolish bullshit but that won’t happen again. You are most assuredly part of the problem – a perfect example of the mindset that allowed America to be hijacked and ass-fucked by a bunch of neocon motherfuckers who never had anything except their own wealth and welfare as a primary concern. You, in your knee-jerk, right-wing reactionary attack on Barack Obama – an argument full of lies, vicious insults and racist thinking – are welcome to vote for a senile, doddering old warmonger who calls his wife a cunt. And then, come January 2009, as America charts a new course, with control of the House, the Senate AND the oval office, you and yours can sit back, shut the fuck up, and quietly bemoan a return to the principles that once made America the envy of the world, instead of a continuation down the sad, regrettable, shameful path that YOU and those like you have forced down our throats.

Go fuck yourself, asshole.


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  1. Is that the prototype Smack-o-Matic 4000 you’re using? I’ve gots to get me one of those! Doesn’t even leave so much as a grease stain.

    JB is a spectacular demonstration of the Republicon idea of “reasoning:” Come up with the pre-determined answer you want, ignore the evidence that doesn’t fit, crowbar in the rest, add a heaping cup of racism and voila! You’ve “reasoned” your way to a completely stupid fucking conclusion.

    I have news for him: at this point, I’d be voting for ANY Democrat running for President. Even the most odious, obnoxious, Bush-ball-licking Dems have a wee bit more common sense and decency than any Republicon the neo-theo-cons would allow the party to field. The fact that Obama, despite his FISA fuckery, is a fantastic choice, makes me happy. The man doesn’t have to be perfect, just competent, and he’s certainly that. And sane. That’s a big one.

    And if it’s gaffes we should be judging by, I think Carpetbagger’s started a list of McCain’s all-time greatest hits. Sunni-Shia is just the beginning… You really want to play by those rules, JB? Hope you love getting your ass handed to you. Won’t even be a contest.

    Wanna play by experience? How’s about McCain’s experience in flip-flopping? His experience losing his temper with colleagues? His experience abandoning his principles for expediency? He surely does have plenty of experience. It’s not the kind of experience this country needs.

    • “The man doesn’t have to be perfect, just competent, and he’s certainly that. And sane.”
      Competent you say. Can you count the number of zeros in $16 trillion? We may never be able to pay off the national debt run up by this muslim. Your children’s children will still be paying on it when they come of age. Quit drinking the koolaid and open your eyes; you may scare yourself to death by what you hear and see that you are obviously ignoring now.

  2. You just did you moronic bastard. Barak is a muslim and lying thru his teeth has convince the simple minded democrats. Democrats have no morals, values or integrity and have’nt since the civil war when they assinated Abe Linclon. I hope the democrats are ready for war !! If you have’nt turned your guns in too save the green planet. I’d like to meet you face to face.

  3. @ Jim Jenkins
    How did you get to be so stupid? Assinated???
    I love it when you backward GOP fuckwits reveal that the primary qualities necessary to support McCain are illiteracy, racism and a deep and obvious need to believe in obvious falsehood.
    What a fuckin’ moron. You need to be beaten like a red-headed stepchild.

  4. I’m not quite certain how I stumbled onto this blog but what I learned is: Liberals cannot write a sentence without using the “F” word and it seems impossible to control internal anger. Thank God I don’t have to go through life with such a pitiful attitude. Oh wait! For the Liberals, “Thank Nothing”.

  5. I wonder if you understand the word, or if “Liberal” is just a comfortable epithet for a simpleton – a word you hear used here and there but have never stopped to consider. Then again, thinking is not a trait associated with those who thank God. Let me guess…you love Jebus, huh? What a giveaway. As I always say to you Born Again types: Pardon me for getting it right the first time. Better fucking luck next time. Anyone who considers the terms Liberal and Atheist as synonyms ought not be permitted the have opinions, much less express them in public.

  6. Came to the party late, but I have to agree with mjloehrer’s observation about using the F word. Such language belongs only in low-life bars and the other iniquitous places those who use it frequent……like the Senate floor…by the Veep….on the day the Defense of Decency Act was voted on and passed.

    /came for the Williams article
    //coming back for phony moral ourage

  7. Hey JB, its been awhile since you and I agreed to disagree. I had hoped that a few years might have opened your eyes and possibly made you a little wiser but I see that not even the treasonous behavior of your heros, George and Dick, nor the ruination of this great country has made a dent in that dense Republican exterior of yours.

    I don’t believe you are the names being called here but I do believe by association, you are irresponsible for approving of and contributing to the ruination of America.

    People around me are losing jobs. Their investments and retirment are gone. On S.S. I can hardly afford food, let alone the gas to go get it.

    Is what you have seen in this country good leadership? Are you proud of what has happen under the Republican regime? Just once, only once, I’d like to see you say “It was a mistake to put Bush & Cheney in the White House.”

  8. One thing I have discovered during this election is that I am seeing how many totally sick idiots like Shirley Stewart and cousinavi are running around. I just love liberals. Anytime someone disagrees with them they are treasonous and F–kheads and just plan evil. But of course people like you who don’t think it is a problem when someone has friends and advisors using his words like Obama has I know how out of touch you are to the real world. Obama if elected will cause more damage to this country and world than any president in history.
    And guess what if you think he is a messiah you need to go back to your cocaine pipes and stay there. Oh I know that is why you want him in office, because you think he will legalize cocaine. He probably would.

  9. @ Rhodes
    What a giveaway. You post a comment complaining that anyone who disagrees get called names, yet your post is chock full of name-calling and spurious claims with absolutely no evidence to back them up.
    Pfft. It’s not “name-calling” Richie…it’s simply the truth. You have no evidence, no link, reference – you just make hollow claims. “Friends and advisors [sic]”? “Using words”? “Will cause more damage than any president in history???
    More damage than Bush? Nixon? That’s what gets you labeled a myopic idiot.
    What friends? What advisers?
    You simply gobble up Sean Hannity / Rush Limbaugh talking points – bullshit, racism and stupidity – and blither on about it as though it’s (a) true and (b) relevant to something significant without ever bothering to think critically about any of it.
    Your kool-aid messiah insult = another giveaway. Ad hominem straw man bullshit about cocaine? Just weak.
    You’re a lot like Palin – words tumble from your brain without anyone checking to see if they bear any relationship to reality, reason or logic. Blah, blah, blah. Shallow, pathetic, weak-minded racism, bullshit, hate and fear.
    You ARE a fuckwit. What’s worse, you think you’re clever and have a few things figured out. Stupid enough to be dangerous, and too stupid to realize how stupid you are.
    Thanks for dropping by and exposing the vapid nothing that passes for conservative thinking these days. I’m glad Bill didn;t live long enough to see an embarrassment like you spouting off in public. It’s one thing to be stupid, Richie…it’s something else to be proud of it. Keep up the good work, fuckwit.

  10. Note to JB Williams:
    HA HA HA! Fuckwit!
    And now the question comes, will you support your country and your president, or will you become (in the vernacular of your hero Rush) a traitor who turns his back on his president IN TIME OF WAR!
    Shoe. Other foot. Let’s see how you wear it.

  11. I tried writing to JB long ago and finally got tired of his nonsense. He and many others are responsible for the wave of crap that allowed W to stay around for 8 years. His latest article has this nugget: “Americans…can’t smell a well-documented anti-American communist Arab right under their noses” He has apparently started hanging out with the crazy lady from the McCain rally. The great thing is to see the American people rise above the Rush/Hannity noise that JB and so many others frantically peddled as the campaign came to a close. He has not updated his picture for at least 6 years so I would guess he is turning into a wild-eyed old geezer who people will move away from when he starts spitting on them wherever he hangs out.

  12. It’s amazing – the cognitive dissonance of JB and his ilk.
    They yammered “Anyone who does not stand behind the president in time of war is a traitor!”
    And now, they line up with righteous, blatant giddy glee to renounce the president.
    Their principles extend to the edge of democracy, but step not an inch within it.
    Pathetic is too small a word.

  13. How do you like your God now? LOL

    • God? Oh, I get it…that’s what passes for sarcasm in your limited view.
      How do I like him now? A better question is how badly would he have to fuck up before his approval numbers drop to merely three times the man he replaced?
      An even better question is when are morons like you gonna figure out that your wired wrong for the future?

  14. I think he’s down to the 3x range now.
    He’s at 50% in the, I think, latest Pew poll.
    And I believe his rating is lower than Bush’s was at this time in his presidency.

    So I’m a moron and wired wrong for the future(whatever the fuck that means)? I’m appropriately impressed that with the limited amount you know of me that you are able to come to that conclusion.

    So, you never really answered my question. Are you happy with the progress the Great Monkey Boy has made so far?

    (This moron’s email address is kanawa1@rogers.com. Please feel free to inflict whatever retribution you deem necessary. – cousinavi)

  15. @ Uncle Tom (Stormfront Aryan nation skinhead fuckwit)
    And he didn’t even have to (a) allow a terrorist attack to happen on his watch, or (b) start a clusterfuck of a war in order to do it.
    Thanks for popping back just long enough to confirm my accuracy, moron.

  16. You’re a funny guy

  17. I’m awaiting with interest the response from WordPress to your publishing my email address.

    • Me too. I’ve seen nothing that would prevent it, and I see no particular reason why you ought to be permitted to post racist crap like “Monkey Boy” on my blog and escape folks dropping you a note to tell you what an asshole you are.

  18. No but you can print “Chimp in Chief” can’t you, you fucking hypocrite.
    You’re a coward trying to play the Race Card to intimidate me.

    You’re a psycho.

    You know fuck all about me yet you confidently assume I’m a racist.

    You want to see a fucking racist look at your boy Barry.
    Attended a racist church for 20 years.
    Married to a racist.
    Elected by racists who voted for a man based on the color of his skin and not the content of his character.

    I’ve read the privacy policy of WordPress. I’ve saved this page as a MHTML file.
    I’ve taken a screen shot of this page.
    To the left of where I have to enter my email in order to reply it is stated…
    “Mail (will not be published) (required)”
    If you think I’m going to let this go your mistaken.

    • Let’s be clear about a couple of things, you racist, inbred fuckwit.
      If your argument that referring to the smirking buffoon that was George Dubya Bush as “Chimp in Chief” is equivalent to calling Barack Obama “Monkey Boy”, you have your head wedged terminally deep in your ass.
      Only one of those calls up the ugliest race baiting sort of imbecilic bullshit imaginable, so yeah…I AM “playing the race card” you rationalizing braindead Klan bastard.

      As for the privacy policy of WordPress, you might (if you had two braincells that weren’t convinced they were alone) realize that the policy nugget you quote is merely a promise from WP that your email will not be posted as a matter of course when you decide to leave a comment.
      If those lonely braincells had any education, you might realize that the pro forma policy of WP does not bind ME in any way whatsoever, and that MY policy as regards idiots who think they’re anonymous (and thus free to flog their racist bullshit on MY blog and suffer no consequences) is slightly different.
      Wordpress promised not to publish your email. I made no such promise to you. So go fuck yourself.

      As for not letting this go, just what the hell do you think you’re going to do about it, you ignorant spooge stain?
      Oooh. Tom is not gonna let it go. Oh, I am doom fucked now.
      I’ve got some bad news for you, sunshine. Have a nice big cup of Shut the Fuck Up.

  19. You are the racist. KMA. We’ll see what WP has to say about it. I can live with it either way. You’re a dirty unethical scumbag and the sooner I’m shut of you the better. Feeling like having a shower after being in this steaming shit pile you call a blog. Emails are easily changed and besides I’m very confident that whoever might email me from here could not possibly be more stupid, immoral or unpleasant than you.

    • More proof of how masochistic you are. You come in here spouting racist insults, justify it with more racism, and now respond with the pithy, “You’re the racist!”
      Yeah…we’ll see what WP has to say about it. As if there aren’t a few hundred thousand email addresses published daily all over the platform. I expect to hear from the WP standards and practices police any minute now. Idiot.
      If you feel so dirty, why do you keep coming back? Imbecile. There’s just something so self-loathing and twisted about you and your sort. That you so quickly resort to tossing around loaded words like stupid and immoral (total projection) and then tag it with the subjective “unpleasant” speaks volumes, dude. Get some help. Try to find out why you need to be made to feel that way, and why you keep coming back to the woodshed begging for another spanking.
      Frankly though, and please take this away with you, I don’t give a fuck.
      “The sooner I’m shut of you the better.” Almost went Brokeback Mountain there, didn’t ya?
      You dirty, frightened little racist twit. Stop rubbing shit all over yourself in public.

  20. Oh, sweet.

    I do like that you haven’t given up. I was, frankly, a little disappointed it took so long. Thought I’d lost my touch.

    A wee bit sad, though, that the method you’ve chosen (avifucktard@gmail.com) isn’t quite what you hoped it would be, eh?

    Go, Tom, go. See Tom degrade himself.
    Try again, Tom! Try again!
    Have you heard back from WordPress yet? LOL!

  21. UPDATE!

    Tom has taken to emailing me! He went to gmail and used my name to make avifucktard@gmail.com
    Appropriately, any mail sent to avifucktard goes to Tom, not me. LOL.
    Here’s the first salvo:

    to ChiefChimp
    date Fri, Mar 27, 2009 at 6:04 AM
    subject toobadsosad
    mailed-by gmail.com
    You turned out to be a coward.
    I must say I misjudged you.
    Didn’t think you’d run away and hide like a little girl.
    Oh well, little lost if nothing gained.

    Take care AM, I have a feeling I’ll be running into you somewhere along the line

    My very first blog threat. He gon’ come beat me up!
    I’m a little disappointed, frankly. PZ and Cesca get actual death threats and shit. All I get is vague “somewhere along the line.”

  22. Wow, you obamabots really ARE like this…

    This is really sad.

    • How cute. Try for a little more specificity in your critique c2c – are you one of the racists, misogynists, fiscal conservatives, dittoheads, birthers, gun nuts, Christo-fascists or just a generally ignorant fuckwit with even LESS to say than your cohorts?

  23. Wasn’t JB Williams one of the folks in the press that the Bush administration paid to write things in their papers?

    If so, just pay him some money and he’ll suck Obama’s cock too, even after writing that steaming pile of bullshit.

    It boggles my mind that some of the right wing pig-fuckers can’t figure out that millions of Americans would have voted for a communist, child molesting, goat with syphilis over anybody running under the Republican banner. That was how strong the desire was to get rid of Bush and everything associated with him.

    Unfortunately, the inadequate 2 party US electoral system is always a “lesser of two evils” proposition and thus guarantees lousy (non) choices. “He’s not the other guy” is all it takes to win.

  24. Funny I don’t see you saying anything, just flinging around insults like a fool..

    No point in trying to have a rational conversation with someone childish as yourself…

    Please go back to somethingawful, since you are clearly a manchild of the highest caliber

    • Ah, it returns. The sequel. Are you sure you want to stand in defense of JB Williams and accuse me of being insulting?


      Listen, stumpy, if you have something to say (and feel like you have the wherewithal and cojones to make your point and stand by it), by all means have at it. But limping your ignorance in here, intentionally missing the point, and then playing it off with busted-ass condescension to cover your incompetence isn’t going to get you very far. Not anywhere, and definitely not around here.

      Your premise (that I have anything to do with Something Awful) is wrong, and your errors of both perception and style only become more egregious from that point on. Don’t let it upset you that you’re out of your league – just fuck off somewhere.

  25. I do not defend the actions of JB Williams in any way shape or form, I never claimed or implied that I did you silly little man. Remove the goofy sunglasses before reading next time, Kay?

    However by not letting me post my comment about the truth of somethingawful you are defending them, why is that if you have no affiliation to somethingawful?

    P.S- that last comment was truly pathetic, whats the matter? Am I not giving you enough ammo like the usual riffraff that frequents this cesspool?

    • Your logic is as weak as your grammar. Not posting your nonsensical rant about some other website is not “defending them”, you brainless fuckwit. If you want to rant about Something Awful, go do it at Something Awful. Don’t come in here and demand to post on MY blog whatever the fuck YOU think, asshole.
      As for ammo, you’re a walking target range. I’m just not interested in blithering imbeciles. Which part of “Fuck off somewhere” didn’t you understand, you ignorant little shit stain?

  26. […] website. Also a lengthy rebuttal to his articles by an infuriated liberal on a blog called “Truth Conquers Nothing“. The title of the post? “JB Williams – Racist […]

  27. Name calling: debater tries to diminish the argument of his opponent by calling the opponent a name that is subjective and unattractive. Name calling is only intellectually dishonest when the name in question is ill defined or is so subjective that it tells the listener more about the speaker than the person being spoken about.

    Hmm … yeah make sense. Another Alinksy radical, mastering the “fuck” word in numerous variations.

    I was abused as kid. This is how I get back at the big, bad world. Living out my wet dreams from mommy’s basement where no one can identify me, stomping my feet just to “feel” relevant.

  28. Yeahright,

    You were abused as a kid, live in your mommy’s basement and spend your days masturbating to Internet porn and posting hostile comments about people from a safe distance to make yourself feel better?

    Not that surprising, but still a brave admission. I’ll give him that.

  29. Great Blog!……There’s always something here to make me laugh…Keep doing what ya do 🙂

  30. It is really difficult to get past the foul language to see if you have any valid arguments here. I’m sure the LiberaL/ Progressive camp is NOT proud to have you as a spokesman.

    • It’s almost a tautology: Those who can’t managed to read past peppery language aren’t able to understand the argument anyway. They have nothing to contribute in terms of ideas beyond, “Oh, my HEAVENS, must you use such naughty words?”
      And it’s in their nature to employ ad hominem and straw man arguments rather than face the absolutely vacuous positions of their mouthpieces – JB Williams and his ignorant, racist ilk.
      In other words, stick to the playground. At least there someone may pay attention when you whine, “Teacher! Avi said a bad word!”
      In still other words, go fuck yourself.

      • That said, he’s probably right that they don’t want you as a spokesperson…if only because they have nothing remotely resembling balls.

  31. I stumbled on you site while researching my stats for my own website. Noticing that a few people found it by Google JB Williams name. I read through your article, then your comments, pretty funny. Not being sarcastic I actually LOL’ed a few times. Now before you rip into me for whatever reason (btw feel fee to). I’m wondering what are your feeling about the Obama now that he’s been is office for a while. Is he everything you still dreamed of?

    – Gitmo still open
    – We are still in Iraq
    – We are deeper and more committed in Afghanistan
    – We are waring with Libya, without congressional approval I might add. Which is ironic because Bush got overwhelming approval to go into Iraq twice from congress and Obama was one of the few who voted against it.
    – Caved on gay marriage
    – Obama is now for raising the debt limit, yet as a senator we was against it.
    – Finally he makes Bush (whom Im no big fan of) seem like a tight wad. He’s spent more money then any other president combine!

    Please, please, please use your normal irrational tone when you respond and hey feel free to repost my email all you want. PLEASE you’ll be helping my site! ON a serious note, I am just curious how you feel he’s doing. Is there anything at all that you don’t like? It’ll be just between us promise.

    • I forgot the openness he promised. Everything was to be posted on line for what 5 days before he signs something hahahah. He sure didn’t do that with Obama care.

    • Oh and we are going back to the Military trials for suspected terrorist. I bet when I sleep on this, I’ll come up with several more.

    • There’s lots I don’t like. No…he turned out not to be the thing I hoped he would be.
      He is still light years better than McCain could ever have been, better than anything the GOP can hoark up, and has accomplished some – not all but some – of the things I would have hoped he would, and insofar as such things are possible in the utterly fucked up, backward, twisted political reality that lets retarded mouth breathers that call themselves teabaggers and all their electoral baggage might permit.

    • Obama’s results were about as lame as I expected them to be. The biggest disappointment was that he was an even bigger pussy than I expected. Democrats controlling both houses of Congress and he’s caving into Republican demands.

      1) Gitmo etc. Obama lacked the balls to release the rest of the torture photos, never mind go after members of the regime who authorized torture.

      Gitmo is downsized, but still open, because Obama was a afraid of a little bit of fucktardian resistance towards closing it and bringing the real criminals inside of it to justice. Obama lacked the balls to say, “Fuck you. We’re a nation of laws. We try and convict people. We don’t just disappear them in some gulag. If they skate, it’s because of the morons who put them there. And, while I’m at it, nobody gets out of Supermax and NY is a clusterfuck at the best of times.”

      2) American troops will likely be in Iraq when your grandchildren die. Like Bill Maher says, “America is the drunken uncle who comes for a visit, but just won’t leave.” It’s an issue of empire.

      “Oh, but combat is over!” Yeah, that’s why American troops are walking the streets without guns. Granted, it’s a bitch to get out for real, but that’s why you don’t go in for no good reason.

      3) Unlike most, I understand a (temporary) “surge” in Afghanistan. The world came to the aid of America when it was attacked. Then Bush Co left the rest of the world holding a shit-rope there, while they used 9/11 as an excuse to attack Iraq. Winding down Iraq and beefing up in Afghanistan was, if nothing else, a way of mending fences with other nations, most whom were only there out of friendship. Obama even successfully conned some nations into extending their missions, wasting even more of their money and lives.

      But they all should be withdrawing by now. Again with the drunken uncle.

      4) Libya. A very strange kettle of fish there. America risked being seen as on the side of the oppressors, or (even worse) irrelevant, until Libya gave them the chance to look good and drop some bombs. It’s early days, but look for this to end with a permanent US base in Libya. (See: drunken uncle)

      5) Gay Marriage. Fucking pussy! But he did scrap Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. However, that was Kabuki Theatre as much as anything else. It should have been called Always There, Always Will Be, Doesn’t Change Anything.

      6) Bush, (who few admit to voting for anymore) ensured whoever followed him would reign over a latrine. A combination of awful policy, expensive & unending wars and the massive bailout for financial fraudsters left a hell of a bill. Mind you, Obama could have stemmed the bailout gravy train, if he had some balls.

      Obama has been, at best, mediocre. If he even knew what a testicle was, he could have been so much better. But because of America’s broken democratic system, where all you have to do is be marginally better than The Other Guy, he’s probably the least worst option.

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