Obama – McCain Neck and Neck? WTF?

The WaPo published results today from the first poll taken since the close of the Democratic primary. It reveals that among independent voters, the two candidates are running about even, to which I can only respond, “What. The. Fuck?”

John S. McCain graduated in the bottom 1% of his class at the US Naval Academy, yet somehow managed to get posted to fly jets off a carrier because his daddy was an Admiral (shades of Bushian privilege). He proceeded to crash numerous aircraft and fly another one into power lines, and was involved in the fire aboard the USS Forrestal which resulted in the deaths of 134 sailors. The full report on the Forrestal incident has never been made public, though there have been assertions from other crewmen that it was McCain who caused the catastrophe by “wet-starting” his jet. Neither has McCain permitted his Navy records to be released (which distinguishes him from John Kerry, who made public his entire file when running for the oval office), or his medical records. The mainstream media has not seen fit to ask, “Senator, what are you hiding?”

After spending five and a half years as a POW in Vietnam, he returned to the States, started an extra-marital affair, divorced his wife, married a rich woman many years his junior and went to work for her daddy. His career in the Navy, despite fawning reports to the contrary, held little chance of advancement so he headed off to Washington where he became involved in the Keating Five scandal – suspected of selling influence to assist rogue Savings & Loan crook Charles Keating.
He opposed the creation of Martin Luther King Day, then years later in response to intense public pressure, apologized and admitted he was wrong.
He royally pissed off families of MIA soldiers in the early 90’s when he signed off on a report concluding that there was no credible evidence of Americans still held in Vietnam, and pushed for normalized relations with that country.

John McCain lost the GOP nomination to Bush in 2000 in a campaign that marked perhaps the lowest sort of smear tactics ever seen in American presidential politics. Surrogates for Bush ran ads accusing McCain of fathering a black child out of wedlock, being a homosexual, and being married to a drug addict. Of course, that last one turned out to be true. In any case, McCain has since publicly embraced George Bush and his policies. How’s that for character? Let me say this: If a man slanders me, my child, my wife and my character, Satan will be taking fucking skating lessons before I embrace the son of a bitch.
During that same campaign, McCain criticized Christian leaders Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell saying, “… we embrace the fine members of the religious conservative community. But that does not mean that we will pander to their self-appointed leaders.”
Falwell, thankfully, is no longer with us. McCain, however, has embraced Robertson, the disgusting and insane Pastor Hagee, and welcomed the support of those very same ultra-rightwing fundamentalist Christian wingnuts. Let the pandering begin! One wonders who John McCain wouldn’t embrace if there were something to be gained from it. But, and of course, none of this personal history of “hugging it out” with his enemies prevents him from criticizing Barack Obama for suggesting that it might be a good idea to TALK to Iran. I guess Barack isn’t going far enough to suit The McCain Strategy – you have to HUG your enemies.

In more recent years, John McCain (himself a victim of torture in Vietnam) was against torturing detainees, but then flip-flopped to support “enhanced interrogation techniques”, Alberto Gonzalez’s euphemism for torture.
He supported “The Surge” of American troops into Iraq and has claimed that it has been an effective strategy…so effective that General Petraus (commander of all American forces in Iraq) commonly goes driving about in an unarmoured Humvee. This silly assertion was met with laughter by those in a position to actually know what they’re talking about, both within the military and among journalists reporting from Baghdad. Additionally, McCain suggested that it was possible to go for a stroll in Baghdad markets without wearing body armour; claimed that he had done just that, despite video footage of he, himself, wearing body armour while being shadowed by heavily armed escorts and three Blackhawk helicopters during just such a walkabout. The man will say anything, and when called on it; when presented with evidence that directly contradicts his claims, McCain continues to insist that the evidence is wrong, he’s right, and everyone else needs to educate themselves as to the real facts. Shades of Bush, indeed.

At the age of 72, there are definitely signs that senility is setting in. Anyone who doubts that McCain is struggling to remain upright need only watch the lame speech he delivered the night Obama clinched the nomination. Pay particular attention to the forced, faux chuckles that come off like some sort of repressed fart.
He confuses Sunni with Shiite Muslims, and despite being corrected in front of cameras continues to insist that Iran is training Al Qeada forces in Iraq. He fumbles his speeches – adding, deleting and mangling English – in much the same way the current president seems to enjoy embarrassing himself. His idea for saving the economy is a gas tax holiday (roundly and soundly scoffed at by every sane economist…even Dick Cheney, for Chrissakes, thinks it’s a stupid notion); making the Bush tax cuts (for the richest Americans) permanent. He has admitted not knowing much about economics, but when economists criticize his ideas, he refers to them as “elites”.
He has, at various times, suggested that it would be fine if American troops were in Iraq for 100 years, and that when the troops come home isn’t important. Following on the heels of those foolish utterances, he promised the war would be won by 2013 – the end of his first term. Perhaps, given his vast experience in such matters, he plans on a fleet of Kamikaze planes to crash into insurgent strongholds.

But here’s the kicker: Despite being an incompetent student at the Naval Academy and a lousy pilot; despite not knowing the difference between Sunni, Shiite, AQ and Iran (or even who the Supreme Leader of Iran IS); despite his repeated lies (or, to be generous, misstatements) about the conditions on the ground in Iraq, the aforementioned poll reveals that, in the minds of the all important independent voters, this doddering buffoon is STRONGER on the war in Iraq.

What the FUCK? Is anyone even bothering to pay attention?
How in the name of Yosemite Sam can anyone consider this flip-flopping warmonger stronger on anything? Are these voters HAPPY with the way George W. Bush has run America into the ground, domestically and internationally, over the past eight years? This shit just does not compute.
George Bush has the lowest approval ratings since such things have been measured. John McCain is NOTHING more than a continuation of the same neocon-Bush-bullshit, and yet there seems to be something like support for this carbon-copy policy extension. The senile Senator from Arizona has even gone so far as to say that he would want DICK CHENEY in his administration!

I don’t want to call all McCain supporters racists, but I simply cannot understand how McCain garners support that Bush has pissed away when, for all intents and purposes, they might as well be the same man. Isn’t it the wise choice, in THIS case, the Devil you don’t know? Something new, different…another tack? For fuck sakes, the Devil you know has bent America over the barrel and fucked it up the ass with scandal after embarrassment after lies after foolishness after utter and total incompetence! And all the evidence – everything we know about Senator John S. McCain – indicates quite clearly that he is just the same ignorant, pig-headed, pandering, rich, privileged know-it-all that sane people, throughout America and the world, want desperately to send back to Crawford, Texas permanently.

What the fuck is wrong with you people?


6 Responses

  1. Bush had better grades than Kerry, but I am sure that did not matter to you in 2004……only in 2008 probably

  2. @ Ben K: I doubt that, but even if it’s true and you want to vet candidates on transcripts, I think we can rest assured Obama’s GPA beats the hell outta of McCain’s. In fact, that’s not a bad idea. We do it when selecting employees for damn near every other job….

  3. Bush had better grades than Kerry in what? Drinking and snorting cocaine? Being a complete fucking loser riding the coattails of his family’s fortune? You’re right – he had far better grades in those areas, Ben.

    I’ve linked to this one, Avi. You need to get your ass over here and start writing for the American political press ASAP. The reason so many Americans feel good about McCain, other than the fact a good many of them are insane racist fuckwits with a serious jones for great white authority figures, is that our media has canonized this man.

    Since you look enough like a Sam Eliot/George Clooney cross, we should have no trouble getting you on national television. And by the gods, McCain’s popularity will come crashing down like the jets he crashed once you get your mouth going.

    Of course, the idiots who get all their news from their tvs won’t believe what you say, it’s just that you look like Sam or George C. and that’s good enough for them….

    I fucking hate my fellow countrymen sometimes.

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  5. Dana , I’m afraid you will hate your fellow countrymen all of the time. Please be careful.

  6. Dana’s hatred, I think, is ever ready – like a loaded shotgun – but only ever directed at those who desperately need to be shot…and she MOSTLY aims for the legs.

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