Chia-yi Takes The Moneyshot

I’ve been raving about The Moneyshot Horns – Taiwan’s premier funk band – as has anyone who’s seen them live. Last weekend the band hit the road for a gig in Chia-yi, a small town at the base of Alishan whose experience with live music is generally limited to the occasional local trio cranking out covers of The Carpenter’s greatest hits at the only pub/steak house.
I used to live in Chia-yi and have some friends down there so I hopped the train to check out the show. The gig went off in a new joint called the Spartacus Sports Bar, located upstairs from a flashing neon video pachinko parlour on Bo-ai Rd.
While waiting for the band to start a couple of locals asked me what the band was about…did they play hiphop? Given that these fellas probably don’t own any James Brown records, there was really no way to describe to them what they were about to witness. I simply told them that the band was very good and they would want to dance.
The place filled up with every waiguoren in the county, along with a few hippy chicks who made the jaunt up from Tainan (the next stop heading south). Foreigners are starved for entertainment on that part of the island and none were about to miss this chance. The event had been promoted as a “Sexy Dress” party. I only mention that in order to laud the long-legged girl in black who looked like she stepped off a James Bond movie poster. Mmm, indeed. Those legs would go around my neck twice (a recurring image I cannot put down).
The band cranked it up about 10:30 and immediately the place began to move. You cannot stand still when The Moneyshot is working. They were tight, the sound was crisp, and The Horns proceeded to rip the roof right the hell off the place. About halfway through the first set I went to refresh my drink. The two locals I had spoken with earlier had dragged some chairs out of one of the VIP rooms. They were standing on them to see over the crowd and dancing their asses off – without a net! – both so blown away by the show, the likes of which they had never experienced or imagined, they bought my drink just for warning them that something wicked this way comes. And it was wicked. So good that people taking photos of the band were interfering with people dancing and vice versa. I spoke to more than a few people who were catching the show for the first time and whose comments always included something like, “I had no idea they were THIS good!” or, “Holy Smokin’ Jesus! They’re un-fuckin’-believable!”
And they are.
I’ve written before about how recorded thumping techno crap is destroying music and music venues, and how we are all the poorer for it. So long as there’s a place for The Moneyshot Horns to set up, plug in and play, there remains hope. They know what they’re doing and they provide towels.


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  1. Nice piece! Glad you liked my outfit!!!! James Bond…that is quite a compliment 🙂

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