The Racist Vote

I want Barack Obama to be the next president of the United States.  So much so that, for the first time in my life, I wish I were an American so I could cast a single ballot.

Any visitor to VNV knows what I think of Hillary Clinton, her husband, tactics, strategists and far too many of her supporters.  I’ve mentioned John McCain here and there – as the general campaign plays out I shall, no doubt, further elucidate the specifics of why that senile, doddering old fuckwit ought not be president. 

Barack’s speech upon clinching the required number of delegates was an amazing thing.  It may rank as one of the great political speeches of all time – King, Kennedy, Roosevelt, Churchill, Ike, Malcolm X – truly riveting and inspiring.   The euphoria of the 17,000 gathered there could be felt from my sofa in Formosa.  It is reported that there were another 15,000 assembled outside the venue, listening.  There were far more.  There were tens of millions gathered.  I was one of them.  The possibility of the change represented by Barack Obama – a fundamental shift from the myopic, foolhardy, idiotic, backward, depressing, dishonest neocon bullshit – it was overwhelming.

It was short lived.  As Bugs Bunny would say (and never doubt the philosphical heft or critical insight of Bugs), “Of course you know, this means war.”

John McCain has already revealed himself ignorant in matters of foreign affairs.  He doesn’t know who the leader of Iran is, who they’re helping in Iraq, or the difference between Sunnis and Shiites. 
Despite his service to America in uniform, he seems pretty short on matters related to the conduct of and/or metrics of success in the war in Iraq.  He voted for it, continues to support it, but doesn’t know how many troops were there before the surge or are there now.
McCain’s military record – a decorated POW slash Admiral’s son – is pretty weak.  I don’t believe in the sort of “swift-boating” bullshit that was inflicted on John Kerry, but if McCain wants to make his military service (and Obama’s lack of same) an issue – which he specifically has – then an honest examination of that record is perfectly fair.  I’ll get into it in future posts.
McCain has admitted not knowing much about the economy, flip-flopped on that position, and proposed a few band-aid economic solutions that have been unanimously shredded by experts of every stripe whom McCain now refers to as “elites”.  And so, even as McCain tries to distance himself from the failed policies of George Bush, he employs Dubya’s most frustrating, infuriating character trait:  After being revealed as either ignorant of the facts or a liar, and having your policy exposed as not only ridiculous but demonstrably an abject failure, you simply label anyone who disagrees with you an elite (Georgie preferred calling folks unpatriotic). 

Beating John McCain on the issues should be a piece of cake.  Given the character flaws inherent in that cranky, semi-senile old bastard, as the campaign wears on and he grows tired of being crushed in debate after debate, he may well self-destruct in truly impressive fashion.  If the speech he delivered opposite Obama’s soaring declaration is any indication…well, I hope he’s getting his V8 juice every morning.  (For a fine review of McCain’s speech read Seth Grahame-Smith)

But.  BUT.  Elections are not fought on the issues.  At least, not solely.  They never have been.
And the Republicans didn’t manage to cram a horrid eight-year pile of shit down our throats while calling it ice cream without having strings to pull.  Rove isn’t gone.  Neither is Cheney, or Bush – although one suspects he’s really looking forward to getting back down to Crawford.  The neocon bastards are not about to give up the White House without a fight, and we have lots of experience with how they go about these things.  So I ask:  What have they got in store?  Because, of course you know, this is war.

I checked to see what folks are searching for on the interwebs vis politics – it’s important to know what the hot issues might be.  From a random sample of 100 consecutive search strings, the following 13 appear:

obama is a nigger
the nigger will be assassinated
how do you say nigger in bosnian
hillary voters for mccain
will america elect a nigger
nigger obama
nigger obama nominated
fuck that nigger obama
the nigger won the nomination
hilary voters for mccain
nigger muslim wins nomination
nigger obama assassinate
who will vote for a nigger

Who knows what sort of correlation there is?  But the fact remains that 13% is a chunk.
Would the GOP exploit racism to secure the oval office?  Sarcasm is stunned into silence.
Hillary did it in West Virginia and Kentucky, for chrissakes. 
One wonders if the Republicans will even be subtle about it.
There will be whispers that Obama is a “secret Muslim”.  His wife – who strikes me as potentially the greatest first lady of all time, a mix of Eleanor Roosevelt, Jackie O and Hillary Clinton (with more class and character)…the secret love child of the Queen Mum and Miles Davis – will suffer slings and arrows that no candidate’s spouse ever felt. 
Former Pastors will appear in relentless video loops.   Rezko (convicted the same day Barack clinched) will be drawn and quartered. 
It’s going to get ugly, kids…very ugly, indeed.  As it must.  The GOP has no record, no policies and no candidate that can withstand even cursory examination and review.  Their stewardship of America has been a monstrous clusterfuck of previously unimaginable proportions: War on terror, Iraq, Gitmo, Abu Ghraib, Katrina, Haliburton, Blackwater, Valerie Plame, the economy, the infrastructure, the housing crisis, Enron, Harriet Miers, WMD, spiralling debt, weakened military, Albert Gonzalez, the smirking buffoonery of George Bush.
But of course you know, this is war.  And in war, when you cannot possibly defend your position, you attack.

America is a racist country.
One need not dig deep, on the internet or anywhere else, to find the ugly truth of that.  It was openly demonstrated in the primary votes in Kentucky and West Virginia; in the attack ads run by the Tennessee Republican party questioning Michelle Obama’s patriotism; in the sneering way Ann Coulter says B. HUSSEIN Obama; from the mouth of Geraldine Ferraro (an embarrassment to feminism and America); in Rush Limbaugh calling Obama the Donovan McNab of politics. As if Rodney King, Amadou Diallo and the Jena 6 weren’t evidence enough.

We will hear many reasons why people prefer McCain over Obama. Cognitive dissonance is a well-honed survival strategy, especially for those who need to justify operating on coarse principle.
There may be some wrongheaded folk who, despite eight years of solid evidence, truly have some policy concern that moves them to vote Republican. Perhaps they, for some reason, honestly believe that talking to our enemies is a bad move, or that preemptive war against a sovereign nation that poses no threat to national security is good for the country. As silly as those propositions are, I grant that there must be some dumb enough to believe them. However, I believe there is a great degree of overlap between those who accept such arguments and those who could never vote for a black president.  Stupid is as stupid does, and if you’re dumb enough to believe (like 30% of American voters) that Saddam Hussein was involved in 9/11, you’re probably dumb enough to let race affect your choice for president. 

While a handful of Hillary voters in West Virginia were honest enough to publicly admit that their problems with “those people” influenced their vote, one may be assured that most racists are not so forthcoming.
You will hear from those who are slightly more circumspect, cloaking their arguments in the bloated foolishness of Rush Limbaugh, the veiled references of Hillary and Bill Clinton, the weak reasoning of J. Philippe Rushton or even Jimmy the Greek – some sort of seeming justification for addressing the issue of race.  In most cases, those arguments will merely be a way to cover up the core truth that they would never vote for a black man.
But most racists will simply say, “He lacks the experience,” or, “McCain is stronger on national security,” as they cast their ballot for the white man.

And why limit the game to racism?  Let’s not forget sexism!  The Republicans will, by any and all means, inflame that segment of the Democratic party that I affectionately term The Hillbots – those women who sob, rant and holler that the nomination was stolen in a rigged process to keep women down; that Hillary was the victim of misogyny on a scale not seen since Joan of Arc was burned at the stake.  Women who have already publicly asserted that they will never vote for Obama but will, instead, support McCain out of spite.  
Divide and conquer.
And, let there be no mistake, the divide is two-sided.  There is a segment within the Democratic party that resent Hillary’s tactics and the extreme, extortionist positions staked out by Hillbots.  Tortured popular vote calculations, allegations of misogyny and threats to split the party if Obama is allowed to “steal” the nomination are not, shall we say, reasonable negotiating positions.  At a time when the party clearly needs to unite against the real enemy, the Hillbots are threatening to defect and their opposites are shouting, “Good riddance!”  The Republicans don’t need to drive the wedge very hard to further this divide, but you can be sure they’re already swinging the hammer.

The question is not whether this election year will descend to disgusting lows, employing tactics that will assure Karl Rove a very special place by the fire even as they try to publicly claim higher and higher ground, denouncing and distancing and rejecting like Lucille Ball at the conveyor belt.
The question is will it work? Will driving a wedge between the women of the Democratic party and a coalition with racists be enough to claim victory in November?  It might.  Sadly enough, it just fucking might.

Barack will rise above it. He refused to engage Clinton in the mud, or even to directly point out that she was wallowing in it. I expect more forward looking conduct as we approach November – an example of leadership by example; that he is what he asks of others: Respectful, honest and sincere in seeking a better path to our best aspirations.
Is that, combined with the trifling fact that Barack Obama simply offers better policies while McCain brings four more years of Bush, enough to overcome deeply ingrained racism and a split in the Democratic party that will be wedged as far apart as Republican agents can provoke it?

I have the audacity to hope.


14 Responses

  1. why do people not like obama cuz he’s black. i mean you see white guys listening to lil wayne and snoop dog but when they vote they’re gonna vote white. to me that’s just wrong

  2. race is often a distraction because it avoids talking about class. obama is a cosmopolitan career politician who does not conform to many racial stereotypes, but it surely matters more than he knows about the lives of working people?

  3. @ tychy: One hopes so.

  4. You say, “I wish I were an American so I could cast a single ballot.” Well, you are not an American. Get over it! McCain will be president as of January, 2009.

  5. @James: No, I’m not an American. I’d never have elected a fucking moron like a Bush…twice. So you wave your flag and blindly follow another warmongering imbecile who can’t distinguish between a Sunni and a Shiite; a senile old bastard who never held a position on an issue he wouldn’t sell out, then flip-flop on, then sell out again. You yanks are clearly a clever bunch.

  6. You are a moron, thank God you CAN’T vote in our election. We don’t need a bunch of damn foreigners (like you) dictating WHO we ought to vote for for president! I think your views should be termed as a “clusterfuck” (to borrow one of your more ‘eloquent’ terms)……fuck you and fuck nigger Osama (um, I mean Obama)……

  7. Dick Thicke was too chickenshit to leave a valid email address.
    I wanted to drop Dick a note letting him know how embarrassingly stupid he is.
    Not to put too fine a point on it, Dick (you racist fucktard), but I’m not dictating, I’m opining. You might want to read a document called The Constitution of the United States of America (if you can manage to wipe the GOP shit stains off it well enough to make it out) – pay particular attention to the first amendment thereto, you spooge puddle.
    “Dick Thicke”? LOL. Must be a supporter of Larry Craig.

  8. @ Little John
    Christ – another moron.
    What you call proof, you racist simpleton, is revealed by the title of the link itself as nothing of the sort. The article – in its title – indicates that Americans are retarded enough to have internalized their racism to the degree that they don’t even recognize their inherent racism – a point demonstrated yet again by your comment. Another complete fuckwit.
    Eat a bag of monkey dicks. How in the name of God do you stupid fucks manage to find this little, out of the way blog, anyway?

  9. Oh now I get it, your motto, Truth conquers nothing, pretty much sums up your goal, lying to get what you want.

  10. @Alessandro
    No, you still don’t get it.
    Truth Conquers Nothing is merely another way of saying that no matter what the facts are, what the evidence shows, or what logic, reason and the laws of physics dictate, there will always be boneheaded freaks like you, Jill Iscol and Hillary Clinton – not to mention George Bush, Karl Rove, Don Rumsfeld and John McCain – that will plow onward, convinced of their delusions and determined to inflict their convictions on the rest of the thinking world.
    But, the point remains: In NO WAY do you “get it”.

  11. It’s got nothing to with him being black, except to the blacks. I’d vote for Colin Powell in a second over both the idiots we have running now. But something has gone wrong with this round of presidential selections to choose from. The longer I listen to Obama, the more I think he’s just another smug ass we don’t need. If he had George W’s smart ass grin, he would be a complete ass. As for McCain, clueless. Enough said.

  12. @Derrick
    It’s simply a given that there is a significant chunk of racists in America. That’s just a fact. Whatever you think of either candidate, the racists are not casting their ballots based on what’s best for the country.

  13. hey yes i do agree with that i wrote an article about it also at not spam just if you wanted to read it. Yes there is 5% of americans blatently admitting they would not vote for a black person. And the idiots who left those racist comments are exactly what the problem is. What is funny is im ashamed to live in this country when we saw we are the greatest country but have these kinds of things going on. its just a shame, maybe your lucky u dont get to vote

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