Jill Iscol – The Scary Hillabot Mind

Jill Iscol writes on HuffPo: If we had stood as a party with one voice and said, “no”, we will not allow one of our own to be so disturbingly maligned, we would now have a unified democratic party electorate at the end of a virtually tied primary race.

Reply: If your candidate had not utterly abandoned anything approaching good taste and fair play; chosen not to motivate the racist vote in Kentucky and West Virginia, managed not to LIE about snipers in Bosnia, the Irish peace process, NAFTA and the Family and Medical Leave Act (among other things), perhaps there would be some slight degree of tolerance beyond not wanting to be branded a misogynist by you and your ilk.  If the party is fractured, that has more to do with the conduct of Hillary Clinton, her husband and surrogates than anyone or anything else.  If it remains fractured, that will have more to do with you, Ms. Iscol, and your white, middle-class, over 50 “feminists” than the Democratic Party.

Jill Iscol writes on HuffPo: I have been outraged by how the media have treated her throughout this primary season.

Reply: Good thing your candidate is not a man. Had your candidate lacked ovaries and/or an ex-president husband, she would have been hectored off the stage long ago for that bullshit invention now commonly known as the Bosnian Snipers.

Jill Iscol writes on HuffPo: But what is most disturbing is how my Party has stood by and allowed the demeaning and dishonest attacks on Hillary to continue.

Reply: Some evidence would be nice, instead of that blanket “your attacks are dishonest” Fembot bullshit. 
The attacks on Hillary have, sadly for you and yours, been entirely motivated by the words from Hillary’s own mouth.  It’s no one else’s fault she’s not on speaking terms with the truth.

Jill Iscol writes on HuffPo: That party knew that it had benefited enormously from the Clinton administration as well as the incredible accomplishments of one of the most activist, hardworking First Ladies in our history.

Reply: Name ONE…oh, for fuck sakes PLEASE…ONE, just ONE…ONE thing Hillary Clinton achieved as either First Lady or Senator. Once again, blithering, yammering, chattering SHIT. One bit of evidence. Please. Just one.
And, of course, Bills from the past must be paid to Hillary today.  Is that your reasoning?

Jill Iscol writes on HuffPo: That Party stood proudly by a president who many called the first black president because both he and his wife had demonstrated a lifelong commitment to civil rights and human rights.

Reply: Not many…one. One person said that. ONE. A lifelong commitment all tossed away with a Jesse Jackson comment, a “hard-working white Americans” comment, a “strong, proud, African American base” comment. Does she have to say Nigger before you open your ears?

Jill Iscol writes on HuffPo: We are…ashamed of how our candidate, a woman who has devoted her adult life to serving others, a woman who has been a distinguished First Lady, a woman who has helped her colleagues pass legislation and win races in their own states, a woman who has stood up for all of our rights, has been treated not just by the media but by her own Democratic Party.

Reply: Stood for others…when it suited her craven personal strategy to do so.  All of this she brought on herself. What do you imagine might have happened to any MALE candidate who claimed to have landed under sniper fire; been forced to run for safety, head down to dodge bullets, and then been revealed as a stone liar? Misstatement, my ass. Four times, four places. Have another cup of Kool-Aid.

Jill Iscol writes on HuffPo: Hillary has maintained her focus, her message and her dignity.

Reply: Are you fucking kidding? HRC abandoned anything remotely resembling dignity a long time ago. She has presented at least a dozen different faces in this race – some complete with an affected Southern drawl. Depending on where you cast your ballot you get your very own regionally specific Hillary Bobblehead. Sometimes she opposed NAFTA (a lie), sometimes she shoots guns and goes to church (until asked when she last shot a gun or went to church).  Sometimes she solved the N. Ireland peace process over tea (until you ask anyone that was actually involved with it), sometimes she was instrumental in passing the Family and Medical Leave Act (until it’s pointed out that it was signed a mere sixteen days after her husband took office and she had not a goddamn thing to do with it).  Sometimes she has the solution to health care (until you examine her last attempt at health care).  All too fucking often she has to apologise for “misspeaking” – saying something or other that is at variance from the facts.  Yeah, that’s who we need as president – someone who uses so many words everyday she forgets what really happened and “misspeaks”.

Jill Iscol writes on HuffPo: It is not over until the lady in the pant suit says it is and I and millions of others are with her.

Reply: No. It’s over when Obama wins popular vote, pledged delegates, Super-delegates, more states, and every other fucking metric you can think of without invoking magical unicorn Clinton-math.
Frankly, after the Bobby Kennedy bit – truly a peek inside the mind of a pure sociopath – I’m shocked that you can still make the argument that she’s even deserving. You and millions? How sad and revealing. Go fuck yourselves.  Vote McCain.  I’m sick of trying to reason with you HillaryIs44.com freaks. Your va-jay-jay candidate has embarrassed herself and her party; shredded her dignity and lied herself right the fuck out of this race.  If she’d been a man, she would have been shamed off the stage long ago. 

Twist it however you want.  If this is the way you play politics, I’m happy to make my own goddamn sandwiches because I find it highly unlikely you’re competent at any fucking thing.


4 Responses

  1. Whatever will the Hillbots do now that she’s bowing out?

  2. @Dana: That is an interesting question and provokes many strange questions and conversations requiring booze, napkins and venn diagrams.
    Some of them will vote McCain. Some will actively campaign for a Hillary write-in. Some of them (likely the noisiest ones) are Republicans out to divide and conquer; stir up the emotions of those least able to reason through the bullshit assertions that the nomination was “stolen”; that Hillary and her supporters were “thrown under the bus” (I am SO sick of that phrase).
    There were comments awaiting moderation on my blog – check this shit out:

    Dave Thomas hillaryormccain@aol.com |
    if you see a obama sign , smash it , burn it . if you see a obama sticker on a car smash all the windows or maybe pull the asshole out of the car and take a baseball bat to there fucking head 5 or six times

    Dave Thomas hillaryormccain@aol.com |
    there is no way that NIGGER will be president !!!!!!

    Tom Jones hillaryormccain@aol.com |
    obama hates white people . wait until the video of his wife comes out then you idots will know the truth . i will vote mc cain now . he will loose big

    Interesting that the name changes – from the founder of Wendy’s Restaurants to an aging British pop singer with a panty fetish – but the email remains the same. Weak grammar and spelling (perhaps faked to appeal to the average Hillbot mind). Still, this crap is out there and there will be more of it. Rush Limbaugh is a bloated, moronic tool, but that’s not to say he has no effect.

    You know about the Michelle Obama video?
    Apparently she says “Why’d he take us into Iraq? Why’d he fail the people of New Orleans?” but (go ahead…say that outloud) it sounds like WHITEY take us into Iraq…WHITEY fail the people of New Orleans?
    The Rethugs will run with it, of course. It doesn’t have to be true or fair or anything of the sort – it only has to have traction, and not much of that.

    Speaking of which, I think Michelle Obama will be the among the greatest First Ladies of all time. Like some laboratory combination of Eleanor Roosevelt, Jackie O and Hillary Clinton with more style and class…the secret love child of The Queen Mum and Miles Davis.

    I don’t know what the Hillbots will do. A certain segment have demonstrated that reason, logic, fairness and common sense are meaningless to them. How big a bite of the venn diagram do they represent? How much overlap with gaming Republicans? These are questions that will only be answered after the dust settles in November, but it seems to me that someone ought to start tracking these posters. To the degree that they are sincere Hillbots, I would hope they can be persuaded to wise the fuck up. To the degree that they’re dittoheads out to divide and conquer in the absence of anything like a worthwhile GOP campaign/candidate, they ought to be exposed.

  3. I have refrained from calling people names who believe as stupidly as you do, but you my friend, are so completely off track you probably lapped yourself and think you still have something original to say.


  4. @Alessandro
    The links you append to your post reveal your bias, your delusions, and your inability to deal with reality. Like every other Hilbot ignoramus, there’s no point in asking you to employ reason or logic, or in trying to use either of those things in talking to you. You’re beyond it all now – off in the land of medications, 9/11 conspiracy theorists, and fake moon landing whackjobs. Next you’ll be yammering about Jesus.
    Hillary-Wins? LMAO.

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