An Open Letter to B. Hussein Obama

Dear Barack:

What a race, eh?
What times.

Christ (and I use that term very loosely – I’m pretty much an atheist and when I’m not, I’m a Jew), you must be exhausted.
What a schedule! And yet you continue to seem fresh, articulate, thoughtful, reserved, strong, steadfast and – I don’t want to sound effusive – pretty fucking cool.

What about those Clintons? I understand you can’t possibly say what we all think every time she…they…haul out another bottom card. I mean, really…Hard-working white voters, Jesse Jackson, states that don’t matter, that whole Geraldine Ferraro thing? The assassination comment?!?
I am at once frustrated that you do not swing back, and yet profoundly impressed at your cagey restraint. It would be playing into the trap.
Still…maybe it’s time for a Pope-mobile. I don’t want you to be a martyr, I want you to be president.

Hillary made much of that rather deplorable plea, “Imagine…a woman in the oval office!”
You never once mentioned how historic it would be to have a person of colour in that chair.
And I don’t care whether it was cagey restraint or simply that you’re smart enough to recognize that’s not the point. I’m just sorta glad to have someone who can say Noo-Clee-Ar.

Still, that’s not why I’m writing you.

It’s now clear that you will carry the Democratic banner into the general election against John McCain. It is my sincere belief that you are stronger on the issues with regard to good policy. It is clear that you are far more educated, articulate, and have better game than Senator McCain.
You’re better looking and that helps, although (as they are sure to point out) you’re black.
Still, McCain is rather senile and hasn’t got a strong grasp of what he sells as his strong points – foreign affairs / national security.
Rove him! His asserted strengths ARE his weaknesses and he has no fallback position.

Make no mistake – he’s gonna come after you. Nothing Hillary has thrown at you has prepared you for the way they are gonna try to do you. Man…get a hat.
Hamas endorses B. Hussein Obama! Wants to negotiate with terrorists! Surrender in Iraq!
Barack…B! (if I might be so bold as to call you B)…those are the easy ones.
Black. Muslim. LIBERAL! That gay junkie giggolo – there better not be any video.

In this fight, you gotta hit back. Hard.
It will soon be time to swing. You haven’t done it yet and Americans need to know there is a point at which you do get your dukes up. Stiff jab. Solid right. Upper cut. It would be good if you were caught (you know…handheld camera…unscheduled) working out with Tommy Hearns or Marvin Hagler. You know…just for exercise. Keep the reflexes sharp.
Maybe walking away from Hillary was the right decision. Personally (and especially after the Jesse Jackson thing), I would have made it a point to be where Bill was one day…ask him face to face, nose to nose, what exactly they meant by “hard-working white Americans.”
“Who you callin’ lazy?”
Obviously, your judgement is better than mine – I would have launched multiple strikes on Clintonia a long time ago.
But the coming battles are different. You will no longer be arguing before like-minded people with a common other. Now you go against the last man in the ring. No more distractions. This is the main event.

I do not doubt the rejoicing that will follow your election – I anticipate it. There will be many reasons for celebration. And now, in my roundabout fashion, I come to my reason for writing you.
That moment, when the results are in and you have become President of the United States, and we all stand back just for a moment to bask in it, you must know that your work has just begun.

Indications are that you will have a Democratic congress and a Democratic Senate. That would appear to be a ‘No excuses’ sort of arrangement.
Circumstances are against you – global economy, war, food prices, inflation, devalued dollar, global warming, housing crisis, spiking oil – the neocons have left you a giant pile of shit. Stygian stables.
Helluva hand you’ve been dealt, my friend.
Nevertheless, you have inspired many. Inspired many and inherited a shit storm. Now begins the real work. I don’t want to put too fine a point on it, but take a look at the before/after photos of any president…even one term. It’s a killer job.
You’ll look good with grey hair.

Still, though. There is work to be done and in adversity there exists opportunity. The Chinese got that one right, even if I paraphrase. You have inspired many – even a jaded, bitter old bastard like me. Seems trite to quote Tim Gunn from Project Runway…but Make it WORK.
You brought us with you. We carried you. Now bend those fuckers until they break. They will not go without a fight. They are deeply entrenched and desperate to hold on until they can hack up Evan Bhay in 2012. Break them. I understand that you want to build bridges, cross the aisle, seek common ground and craft alliances. These are necessary skills. But when you draw the plans, control the purse and write the specs, you get to tell the contractors what’s what. Negotiation only goes so far, especially with sneaky fuckers who are trying to cut corners on materials.

We have come to trust in your message of hope; a new way of doing things…a new projection of America. It will be savagely attacked until November and laid seige after.
Your work. It begins when you win. This fight you began does not end with the defeat of the Clinton machine or the neocon/McCain machine. This fight you began may never end, but it is well and truly begun.
You have sparked a match. You have asked for and earned a terrible burden.
It does not end in June or August or November. It begins in January.

Merry Christmas.

You’ll look good with grey hair.


7 Responses

  1. Obama is being forced to split his energy between a delegate battle state by state with Hitlery and trying to engage in a national debate with McShame…he has been pushing back rather well i think

  2. “Hitlery” is finished. When Jimmy Carter telegraphs his pitch, it’s just over.
    I think Obama stacks well agin McSame…as if you couldn’t tell. It’s a matter of tactics – like an MMA fight. McCain is like the cocky boxer. He has one good shot. You make sure he can’t land that ONE right, he’s toast. But you can trust one thing – he’ll keep throwing it.
    I’ll lay odds and take heavy bets: You will hear the word N****R.

  3. Cousinavi,
    Well done.I don’t know your true age but it would be great to see one like yourself actually listened to by Barack. Though he’s no “balabusta” I’m sure
    he’d be able to use your quaint Beryllium-like savvy in times of.
    like I said, WELL DONE.

    D’Ellis/Mohandas Lighque

  4. Cazart! Thanks, man.

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  7. […] and all, I am curious…how will you celebrate?  As I wrote to Barack long ago, there will be little enough time for celebrating.  Obama has asked for and earned a […]

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