Fair Warning to HRC Fembots

The shouts of “Misogyny” out of certain segments of the Clinton camp have been growing louder.
Geraldine Ferraro – she who no longer works on the Clinton campaign for saying that Obama is only where he is today because he’s black – yesterday said that she would not vote for Obama because “he’s terribly sexist.”
And what evidence do they present?  That Obama described Hillary as “likeable enough”, and he said that she is welcome to stay in the race as long as she wants – both utterances deemed dismissive and, therefore, sexist. 
To be clear, if Obama calls for Hillary (who is losing by every measure) to drop out, he’s a sexist; if he says she ought to stay in it as long as she wants, he’s a sexist.  Apparently the only thing he might say that ISN’T sexist would be, “Hillary is the best candidate. I quit.”

There is no reasonable basis upon which to make the claim that Obama’s campaign has been anything other than an uplifting change from the sort of gutter politics amply demonstrated in the past two presidential elections.  It has furthermore refrained from engaging in the sort of low tactics willingly employed by Hillary, Bill and their surrogates – comments about hard working white voters, Jesse Jackson, elitism and hollow rhetoric even as they traipse about the country lying, twisting and lying some more.
And now the gender / victim card.  Hillary is always the victim.  By turns appearing stronger and more ruthless than anyone else, yet eagerly and regularly asserting that she is the victim of a vast RIGHT-WING conspiracy (the source of her experience battling the GOP), a LEFT-WING conspiracy (all those media pundits who call her campaign finished), men, blacks…it would seem everyone is out to get Hillary.  And why?  Is it because she lied about Bosnia?  No.  Because she voted for the war?  No.  Because she has presented about a dozen different faces to the voters through the course of her campaign, some of them complete with an affected southern drawl?  No.  How about because she exaggerated her involvement in the Irish peace process, lied about her opposition to NAFTA and invented her role in getting the Family and Medical Leave Act passed?  Nope, nope and no.  It’s because she’s a woman and boys won’t let her play!
Her supporters gobble this bullshit like it was mother’s milk and now threaten to fracture the party and swing the election to McCain if those Old Boys don’t allow Hillary to shatter the glass ceiling that keeps her down.

Fuck that.

If these batshit crazy fembots swing this election to McCain because they can’t yank their heads out of their vaginas long enough to take a peek past their ovaries, that will be the end – the fucking END – of women in politics.
The GOP will never nominate a woman, and having suffered through THIS ridiculous, extorting, hysterical, whining, petulant CRAP, the Democrats will never choose to risk it again.
If you silly bitches don’t MAN UP and start playing politics instead of shrieking “Misogyny”, you better have some fucking typing skills to fall back on, because elected office will never again be on the table.
You can call that fair warning.


2 Responses

  1. Can I be exempted from the hell of secretarydom if I’m a misogynist myself? I’ve planned to vote Obama from the beginning.

  2. Hmmm. If the election swings to McCain, hating women may not be enough to save you. Like the Jews who helped the Nazis, sooner or later you’re going to the camps, too. There will always be room for concubines.

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