Could Hillary Be More Delusional?

Hillary Clinton has lost the plot. It has reached the point where she has no shame, no limits and no recognition of the great variance between what she says and the truth. Bosnia, NAFTA, the Irish Peace process and the Family Medical Leave Act were not strategic aberrations – lies employed to fluff up a rather shallow and weak resume – but evidence of some larger, perhaps pathological inability to recognize the truth and a complete willingness to outright lie when she perceives that the truth will be of no assistance.

“And you know all those people on TV who keep telling you and everybody else that this race is over and I should just be graceful and say ‘Oh, it’s over,’ even though I’ve won more votes.”

This little tidbit has two facets. First, “those people” (the pundits) must be understood in relation to the television ads currently being aired by the Clinton campaign. Having chosen to play the race card in a variety of ugly styles, Clinton now hauls out the gender card. This is part of a larger strategy to further energize, and alienate from the core party, the feminist wing of the Hillary camp. These are the women for whom there is no alternative but HRC, and who have already threatened to fracture the Democratic party and support McCain if Hillary is not crowned at the convention. These are the women who read Dworkin and MacDonald as freshmen (oops…freshwomyn) and parse everything through the filter of the patriarchy. The cries of “Misogyny!” have already been echoing out of the HRC camp, and the strong, capable Hillary Rodham Clinton loves nothing more than playing the weak, downtrodden victim. Hillary is very adept at portraying herself as a victim of the media (apparently now a vast LEFT wing conspiracy) and cloaking it in the rhetoric of misogyny: Those old boys don’t want / won’t let a woman be strong or powerful. Whenever Hillary is not getting her way, she is the victim – vast right wing conspiracy, vast media conspiracy, blacks, men…there’s always somebody trying to keep poor Hillary down.
When the fuck was Hillary Clinton ever down? There was that one time, but that was Bill’s doing.
I digress.
The second part of the presentation is simply a bit of bullshit that Hillary keeps repeating: The idea that she has won more votes. A spurious claim, and only even possible if you count Michigan (where Obama was not on the ballot) and Florida (where she violated her promise not to campaign) – both states that Hillary gave her signed pledge to discount. Apparently Hillary Clinton’s signed word is worth no more than the ones that come out of her mouth.

“Right now if you add up the states that I have won, it totals 300 electoral votes you have to have 270 to win -– now there are some states I’ve won that maybe won’t go for the Democrat, like Texas or Oklahoma, but I still have a comfortable margin. My opponent has won states totaling 217 electoral votes and lots of states like Alaska, Idaho and Utah that haven’t voted for a Democrat in a long time. So if you look at the states we have to win, if you look at the big states, if you look at the swing states, I am the stronger candidate.”

That she can make this argument belies the craven and desperate nature of her position. That her supporters accept it calls their ability to think into serious question.
The electoral vote crap counts states she won that will NEVER vote Democratic in the general. Winning the Democratic primary in West Virginia is meaningless, the margin not withstanding, because come November, McCain will carry that state and Clinton knows it. To hold up West Virginia as a sign of her “electability” or strength versus McCain is not only disingenuous, it’s batshit insane.
Likewise, California – a state that will vote Democratic come November no matter what. Obama will carry it just as easily as Clinton might have. Having been the primary winner in California does not carry over into some sort of magic wand for November, and to suggest that California is in any way a possible gain for the Republicans absent her candidacy is just fucking silly. Having been the victor in the Democratic primary does not entitle her to count those electoral college votes in her column and at the same time deny them to Obama. Come November, California goes Democrat. Period. Slicing it some other convenient way to energize a bunch of bitter, stalwart Hillary-bots is just more Clinton kool-aid.

Hillary may be convinced she is the strongest candidate, for anything, anywhere, ever. Belief does not make something true.
Hillary’s campaign is over 20 million dollars in debt. If she cannot run a campaign responsibly, how can she govern the country?
Her campaign was ill-conceived, poorly managed and by all accounts – from inside and out – a dismal failure from beginning to end for someone who started out as a shoe-in. Again, how does this lack of planning and foresight bode well for choosing a president?
She is behind in pledged delegates, super-delegates, states won and popular vote (unless you have taken advanced courses in Clinton math).
She has lied, cheated, gone back on her word, played the race card and the gender card (and to Obama’s credit, he has not once responded in kind), and in too many ways to count demonstrated a thirst for power that borders on psychopathy. One wonders how anyone can have the stomach or the strength to continue supporting such a vicious, single-minded, underhanded program.

Hillary Clinton is not losing this race because she is a woman, or because she is white, or because of anything except the baggage she drags with her, the attitude she has displayed (not to mention the various and ever-changing versions of Hillary she has presented to voters – sometimes with an affected Southern drawl). This is a candidate who has no core character to present…she is so vaccuous and plastic that you get your very own, regionally specific Hillary bobblehead depending on where you vote. She has lied repeatedly and then lied again when caught. She has resorted to the worst sort of campaign tactics – things that one would expect of Karl Rove – while accusing everyone else of failing to play up to her lofty standards. Hypocrisy of this degree does not go unnoticed by the vast majority of voters (although it must be noted that Hillary’s supporters – especially those apeshit blind culties at – are incapable of seeing anything that is not printed in Hillary’s own blood and hand delivered by Chelsea herself).

Hillary Clinton has taken the idea of being steadfast and determined, and turned it into something that requires in-patient treatment in a secure facility where powerful drugs can be prescribed as needed.
More and more, I get the feeling that she and Bill sat down and made a conscious decision, in the wake of so many of those upon whom they had counted for support “defecting” to Obama, to burn some bridges and tear the party to shreds in a last act of Fuck You. Having been chased out of town for lying about a blowjob; having been disbarred; having suffered the public humiliation of watching your husband pilloried for getting his knob gobbled by some chubby, thong-wearing intern, the Clintons have been salivating for years – waiting for a chance to ride back into town and set things a’right. Now that the opportunity is slipping through their fingers – and for damn good reasons – they cannot possibly step aside and say, “Yep, the numbers are agin us. Time to watch the sunset out at the Double C.”
They simply can’t do it, and in the absence of the personal ability to wake the fuck up and stand aside, they will torch the town.
So much for the white hats.


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