Moneyshot Horns

I’m too drunk to spend  much time on this – the typos are killin’ me.  Focusing with one eye ain’t no way to do anything well.

Still, though…this band.  Lord liftin’ Jesus on skis.  No business bitchin’ up the bad fry I saw tonight.  On Hwa Mei Je.  The Londoner.  Poutine without enough gravy or cheese, but room enough to dance.  The drummer is a tasty motherfucker knows how to use a kit.  The bass player loves playing with a good drummer.  The horns are smokin’ tight.  No…listen now.  I’ve seen Tower of Power.  The horns are tight.
The guitar player is a SRV freak.  No business.  No business at all being like that on a canal side pub in Taichung, Taiwan  Good God. 

See it for yourself.  The front man is pure butterscotch.  It’s not right.  These boys ought to come with a warning label.  Guaranteed to deliver.  Pop pop p’p’pop. 


Moneyshot Horns.  I was there at the beginning.  Well…maybe not the beginning, but before YOU.  I got a CD before they were even on Amazon.



2 Responses

  1. Hey Ken, thanks for the shout out. it is always a great time being able to perform with you around. hopefully we will see you around sometime in the very near future.

  2. 1. You missed the one written while semi-sober. It’s better. Moneyshot Horns – Redux.
    2. Your email address is bullshit.
    3. You guys keep playing like that and I won’t be the only one writing about you.
    4. Your Momma dresses you funny.

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