Chairs and Rudeness

The bar was medium full.  I wanted to join a table of friends but lacked a chair.  I looked about.  Over there! There’s a table with an extra (apparently) chair.  I sidled over.  “Might I take this chair?” I asked.
There was a purse on the chair.

“No, I need that chair for my bag,” she replied from her seat across the table.  It struck me wrong.

Put your bag on the floor by your feet, I suggested.  She was having none of that.  She needed the extra chair for her bag.

As between ME and your bag, I advised, I’m taking the chair.  She told me I was being rude.

Well!  If we’re measuring rude, I answered, you started out by implying your BAG needs a chair more than I do.  The RUDE stick was finished early.

I took the chair. 

Fuck you and your LV bag.  Stupid bitch.  You’re lucky I didn’t follow you home and beat the fuck out of your husband for buying you a stupid fucking LV bag.

One Response

  1. How much would you like to bet she’s one of those who would vote for McCain out of spite?

    Sigh. Never trust those who place more value on a bag that’s likely a counterfeit than people. If we don’t start taking the chairs away from them, we’ll soon have no chairs at all.

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