Yo! Hillary as Rocky Balboa

The wheels are coming off the Clinton Machine. They know the math – they cannot catch Obama in pledged delegates or popular vote. They have no money left. The tack they’ve taken to try and defeat Obama – experience and national security – leaves Hillary horribly weak and vulnerable to McCain, a war veteran with far more years in Washington.
The self-administered coup de grace; the last knot in the noose was perfected by Hillary herself last week. Hillary has not only been caught lying (again), but lying in such a way as to invite mocking and giggling. She has, as an added consequence, invited more intense scrutiny of every other thing she has ever said about anything she ever did.  If Bill thought the media had been hard on Hillary before, he’ll have plenty of reason to wag his finger now.

There are many ways to parse this lie, and many facets to parse.

1. The nature of the lie.

Hillary claimed to have been subjected to sniper fire in Bosnia; that she had to run from a helicopter, head down, to safety; that the welcoming ceremony had to be cancelled.
Without reviewing in detail (it’s just not necessary), this is a falsehood. It did not happen. It is an invention.
The only thing that is true is that she got off a helicopter in Bosnia.
As lies go, this is an incredibly bad one.
There’s a fair debate about whether or not we want a president who always speaks the whole truth, but that’s not the point.  The point is that in order tell this particular lie you have to be pretty fucking stupid.  There were a bunch of other people present, including a comedian, a singer and Chelsea. There were cameras recording the event.  I might as well claim to have saved Wolf Blitzer’s life last night on CNN. Despite the unlikeliness of my trying to save Wolf Blitzer, it’s pretty easy to check.
If you want a president who tells the truth, Hillary is clearly disqualified.
If, on the other hand, you don’t mind a president who lies when they see an opportunity for advantage, one must at least wish for a more skillful liar.

2. The response to the lie

Hillary asserted that she misspoke. She was tired and said something she didn’t mean to say. She is, after all, human.
If Hillary has a tendency to misspeak when tired – to accidently say things that are simply not true – perhaps she’s not the person to answer 3AM phone calls. But let’s leave that aside.
She misspoke the same sleepy error on at least four seperate occasions. How does that happen, exactly? Quite obviously, it doesn’t. No one misspeaks the same invented story, complete with exacting detail, four times in four different places. That is not a misstatement, it’s a repeated falsehood. And so here we have an explanation for the lie which is , itself, qualitatively even dumber than the lie.
If the goal here is to replace an administration that lies and then lies again when caught, Hillary is not your candidate. In this regard, she appears shockingly like Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Rove, Condi, Gonzalez and the rest of the Bush II administration.

3. Why did she lie?

What possible motive could Hillary have to fabricate this particular lie? Clearly, such circumstances – visiting war-torn Bosnia, landing under sniper fire – would suggest a woman of not only experience but courage. It would certainly bolster her assertion that she has been places, seen and done things that make her more qualified to be president; that she possesses the steely nerve and character of someone who is calm under fire.
Need it be said that if one actually had such experience, one need not lie?
The only possible motive for this lie reveals more than that Hillary lies and lies poorly. If she had any experience that would justify her claims to national security/foreign affairs experience, she would tell us about it.  What does she assert?  Things that never happened.
And closer examination reveals good reason to question Hillary’s other assertions: That she helped to bring peace to Northern Ireland; that she opposed NAFTA.  Once again, those that were present and such documents as have been made public do nothing to lend credibility to Hillary Clinton’s version of history.  Rather, they raise fundamental questions about her veracity and the premise of her campaign.

Getting caught in a bold-face lie is one thing. The sort of lie, the motive behind it and the response to being caught expose the very foundations of her argument – that she is most qualified – as being nothing more than invention, mere packaging and puffery wrapped around an empty box.

Seeing their campaign and their candidate almost dead in the water – perhaps a primary win here and there between now and the inevitable end – the Clinton’s are desperate for any reason to hang in there until a brokered convention which, they hope, forces Obama to settle for the vice president’s slot.  The Clintons have repeatedly demonstrated their willingness to tear down the party for the nomination; to make the downside of fighting them not worth the fight.  Hillary is perfectly willing to risk leaving the GOP in the White House to gain her shot at Pennsylvania Avenue.  To that end a big win in Clinton friendly Pennsylvania is something they desperately need.

You can smell the rubber burning as the Clinton braintrust spins vicious donuts trying to find some way to sell a broken widget to the voters of Pennsylvania.
What have they come up with? Hillary is Rocky Balboa.

Clinton said that ending her presidential campaign now would be as if “Rocky Balboa had gotten halfway up those art museum steps and said, ‘Well, I guess that’s about far enough.'”
“Let me tell you something, when it comes to finishing a fight, Rocky and I have a lot in common. I never quit. I never give up. And neither do the American people.”

If AA Milne had come from Philadelphia, Hillary would have twisted up some strained metaphor to suggest that, at heart, she’s a profound, cuddly, honey loving Winnie the Pooh.

Rocky Balboa, indeed. Talk about a tortured analogy. Hillary Clinton, a privileged child who went to Yale law school; a former first lady of Arkansas and the entire country; a New York Senator; a candidate for president is like the down and out, last chance, nobody, never-was pug from the mean streets of Philly.
Why? Because she will not quit. She will not give up.

This cartoonish attempt to identify with Pennsylvania voters is yet more evidence of Hillary Clinton’s inability to think through the things that spill from her mouth.
I have no doubt that the Rocky comparison was cooked up by some idiot on her staff. Someone said, “Hey, Rocky was from Philly and he refused to quit…Rocky went the distance! And they love Rocky in Philadephia,” and the eyes of everyone in the room lit up in a weak glimmer of what must pass for hope these days, even among the faithful.
It seemed like a good idea when they imagined Hillary saying it.
But no one, least of all Hillary, bothered to think it through.

Rocky Balboa LOST the fight. He lost it to an African American. The difference, and this is important, is that the only thing Rocky destroyed by going the distance was his face. Hillary risks destroying her party and leaving the country in the hands of the Republicans, who (to extend the boxing metaphor) are far more like Don King – walking corruption with bad hair.

One wonders if Hillary has even seen the damn movie. If she has, then her ability to think is, once again, called into question.
If she hasn’t, it’s just another facade…another thing she says because it might help her, but which has no basis in her person or her history.

There is a bit of dialogue from the movie worth quoting. Hillary should listen to Rocky here:

Rocky: I can’t do it.

Adrian: What?

Rocky: I can’t beat him.

Adrian: Apollo?

Rocky: Yeah. I been out there walkin’ around, thinkin’. I mean, who am I kiddin’? I ain’t even in the guy’s league.


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