Art Tatum Politics – Hillary Don’t Swing

I’ve been obsessed with the Democratic primary but unable to find the words to perfectly express why Hillary must not be the nominee.  Too many facets and distractions to put the fine point on it.

And so tonight, I sat down to try and figure it out.  And while listening to the inestimable genius of Art Tatum, it dawned on me. 

Hillary don’t swing.  There’s nothing fine or subtle about her.  She’s like that joke:  How can you tell when there’s a drummer at your door?  The knock speeds up.

Hillary has no timing…no count.  She’s shrill and misses the back beat, and then stares daggers at the bass player for not following her fucked up count. 

She has no idea about the note that’s implied but not played.   Hillary needs to solo…demands to solo after every chorus; misses the whole notion that the combo makes us all better and sometimes it’s best to let the guy playing the freakin’ triangle have four bars.

Promise:  Sit down and listen to some Art Tatum.  You’ll figure it out.


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