Ahmadinejad Visits Iraq

Holy. Fuck.  
Look at what George, lies and pre-emption have purchased. It’s almost laughable the scale on which America is about to be bent over and fucked. The country that has been flexing accidental circumstance around the world since the end of WWII is about to be outplayed in dramatic fashion by those which have, to date, been held in rather low esteem.  Double-teamed… triple-teamed… and Dubya never even considered it.  Talk about playing politics. Cheney never imagined this.  

Ahmadinejad is in Baghdad. 

‘You’re Arabs, we’re Persians.  Most of us are Shi’ite.  Tribes cross borders, and sure we’ve had our differences…but hey, baby, there’s one thing we can agree on. We both fucking HATE America. So what d’ya say? Maybe we give it one more try.  I’ll be more considerate of your feelings, you come to Mosque with me on the big holidays and we can focus our efforts on the Great Satan and those damn Jews.  I mean, really.  Why are we fighting? Your kids are named Ibrahim, so are ours.  Those that bomb you want to bomb us, too.   Together, we can make them behave.   Insha’Allah.’

This has been tracking since 1953.   And now, after eight years of neocon fraud and corruption, how does it turn out?  The Chinese stomped ass at Monopoly, the Muslim extremists kicked ass at Risk and now the country Bush invaded and must pay to repair is gonna buddy up with his worst enemy.   NOW the choice between an interventionist, pre-emptive war monger like McCain and a negotiator like Obama has never been more relevant or terrifying.   Clinton is, more than ever, irrelevant.
Or maybe Cheney DID imagine this.   Planned for it. Has been dragging it out…wondering what the fuck is the hold up? He’s been trying to unify those dirty Muslims into one cohesive target, but they’ve been so busy suicide bombing each other they just couldn’t meld.  This is gonna put the Saudis in a very awkward position.
Flip or flop, zig or zag, this does not look like a positive development in the quest for reason or anything like de-escalation.  Or is this the new version of mutually assured destruction?  Nothing cold about it.


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