Barack HUSSEIN Obama

The thinly-veiled and obvious racism that is presented every time some conservative mouthpiece utters Obama’s middle name is not only disgusting, but horribly short-sighted – so myopic as to be legally blind.

It’s disgusting because it is a blatantly obvious attempt to appeal to fear and the xenophobic hearts of the ignorant American voter by casting a candidate for president as some sort of closet Muslim, if not a closet terrorist; to suggest that by electing Obama, America would be installing someone likely to be sympathetic to the enemy because of his middle name. 
The stupidity required to accept that proposition (either that Barack Obama is a closet Muslim OR that his middle name would drive his political positions) is almost unimaginable, yet sadly the stock in trade of morons like Rush, O’Reilly, Hannity and that imbecilic mouthpiece that stumped for McCain last week.  One does not have to look far in THIS medium (comment boards / internet posts / blogs) to find the idea parroted again and again in either subtle or direct ways.

While it ought to sadden and insult every American that such tactics are employed by those who would have the ear of a president or the people, this is not the biggest problem with the repeated uttering of Obama’s middle name.  The name Hussein (or variations thereof) is one of the more common appelations in the world.  It ranges from Persia to Indonesia; Pakistan to Egypt.   It is a name that stretches back before written history.  It is not, perhaps, as common as Chang among Chinese or Maria among Catholics, but there are literally hundreds of millions of people who are either named Hussein or directly related to one.  What are they to make of these Americans tossing the name about as an insult; an implication that anyone so named cannot be trusted?

Ignoring the fact that Don Rumsfeld and the American administration under Reagan were very, very good pals with a Hussein (whom they later tracked down under false pretenses, gave a fair trial and then publicy allowed to be insulted and hung); that the King of Jordan (a staunch ally of America in the midst of a sea of folks who would nuke Washington given a chance) is named Hussein, just exactly how is American supposed to build the moral currency to lead, to pursuade, to demonstrate that its principles ought to be adopted in far-flung corners of the planet, when it is so callow, ignorant and rude as to toss a respected, honoured and popular NAME about as a racist insult.

One can only imagine what those fear-mongering fuckers would be doing if Barack had married a woman named Jemimah, or had an Uncle named Tom.

In a time when America faces global threats on many fronts, is it wise to play that card for the short-term gain of winning an election at the price of revealing to the world that for all your high-minded rhetoric about freedom, democracy, justice and fair play, you’re really just a spitting, ignorant, backward, racist bunch of fucktards who would just as soon lock up every single Hussein in Guantanamo?

To hear GOP strategist Bay Buchannan say that it’s a legitimate question whether or not he has Muslim blood, without the common sense or insight to see the similarity to asking whether or not he has black blood just boggles the mind.  How did anyone THAT stupid ever get into a position to advise anyone about anything?  Someone ought to check into Bay’s family tree.  I’ll wager a few slaves that she’s got some Jew blood in there somewhere.  Banker blood at the very least.  (Disclosure/Caveat:  I’m Jewish.  That was sarcasm).  In any case, only some striving, Ivy league sorority sister would pull such an obvious ploy, an attempt to hide their nouveau riche stench under a veneer of old money respectability, as to name their daughter BAY in the first place.  Back to finishing school with you, you filthy racist hag.  (Disclosure/Caveat: I’m poor.  That was NOT sarcasm).

Does it not occur to any of these mouth-breathers that the rest of the world, perhaps being only HALF as shallow as Americans, might be well-disposed, or just a little more inclined, to listen to a president who has a middle name that’s the same as their father or brother? 

As names go, America has its head up its ass.   Consider the sons of a man who once ran the CIA; who carries the effete, Skull & Bones bullshit, upper-crust crap of having FOUR names (George Herbert Walker Bush) and yet managed to produce a spawn of idiots.  And on that point, let’s review, shall we:  Neil embezzled billions in the failed Silverado Savings and Loan scandal, Jeb was Governor of Florida (hanging chads and a firm belief in creationism over science), and Dubya can’t say the word NOO-CUE-LER or hold a children’s book right-side-up.  
If these truths are to be taken for anything at all, perhaps it’s this:  Maybe America needs a Hussein.


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  1. I wonder if you might turn people on their heads by asking the reverse…Would Saddam have been overthrown by his people if his last name was the middle name of the US President?

  2. I wonder if you might turn people on their heads by asking the reverse…Would Saddam have been overthrown by his people if his last name was the middle name of the US President?

    Hmmm. Saddam Fitzgerald Hussein…Saddam Milhous Hussein…Saddam Herbert Walker Hussein…
    Yes. The Kurds and the Shi’ites would have gotten together and, at the very least, administered titty-twisters of previously unknown intensity. Saddam would have been teased so mercilessly that he would have gone home and refused to come out

  3. Thanks for putting into words a lot of what I feel about this issue. I am sick and tired of the right using the base ignorance and lack of awareness that is characteristic of most Americans. Most people only hear soundbites and ignore details. They can tell you every little thing about Brittney Spears, but can’t even spell their own state capitol’s name. They read a headline and think that they have the whole story. Or worse, for all of their information they rely on a right-wing propaganda machine masquerading as a news network.

    The knee-jerk reaction that people have to the name “Hussein” is almost understandable, given the years and years of propaganda directed against the Saddam regime. Americans hear the name “Hussein” and immediately associate it with Saddam and by extension terrorism and evil. Few Americans would take the additional 2 seconds to consider that Hussein is a common name in Muslim-majority countries and that Obama’s father wasn’t an Iraqi nor presumably was he a fan of Saddam.

    Yes, both the former and the current King of Jordan are named Hussein. Also, one of the most important figures in Shia Islam was named Hussein. In fact, Hussein ibn Ali was a grandson of Mohammed himself, son of Mohammed’s daughter Fatima, and his death is commemorated every year during Ashura – a major Shia religious event.

    So when the right emphasizes Obama’s middle name as a means of rallying their nativist base they are racheting up the rhetoric and worsening the estrangement that exists between the Western world and the Muslim world. This ploy may work to the short-term interests of the GOP but will be horrible for the long-term interests of the United States and the rest of the world.

    But then again, the well-being of the United States never stood in their way before, so why should it now?

  4. I posted the above article on a thread – received an email which I repost here. I’m such a sucker for positive feedback.

    Just wanted to drop a quick line about your Tolstoyish (yet very compelling) comment in thread 3454127 on Fark. I found it hopeful that someone out there is thoughtful and intelligent enough call out the hysterical voices of racism and xenophobia with such eloquence and class. Seriously, good on you!

    Lawrence (Fark user Yesdog)

  5. […] racist who desperately needs the severe and sound beating I really, really want to give you. The name Hussein bothers you? Does the name George bother you? Perhaps it ought to – it was the name of the King […]

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