TASE Him Again!

What an idiot.

He attended a Kerry Q&A and attempted to turn it into some tinfoil hat personal ten minute rant (what if he never STFU?).

He asked multiple complex questions with a shiatload of libtard presumptions and premises; he refused to let Kerry respond to any of them, despite Kerry’s attempts to speak. Refusing to let the keynote speaker respond in a hosted Q&A session constitutes reasonable grounds to say, “You may not stay. You go now.”

Security personel, in order to control the event for all present, attempted to intervene – something they have every right to do in the circumstances. He INSISTED on continuing to speak and casting the intervention as some sort of evil suppression of freedom of speech or jackboot violence. Not. Sorry. Fail. IMO, those security boys should have been rather more decisive in the moment and carried his unconscious ass out. Saturday night pub style.

He resisted reasonable efforts make him stop hijacking the event.
Security became more reasonable. He continued to object and resist.  Whiny little bitch still young enough to think he ought to be TELLING everyone the TRUTH. (strangle)

When you are properly instructed to leave by those who have legal control of the venue, do so peaceably, citizen.
Sue if you think your rights were trampled; file a complaint somewhere. Resistance is futile. They have tasers and will use them.

Inciting a riot? Nope. Sorry. Fail. (a) there was no riot but for the disturbance created by the accused, (b) nothing the man said could reasonably be construed as inciting others.

Disturbing the peace? Win.
Disorderly conduct? Win. (Good thing he didn’t tap anyone’s foot suggestively)
Trespassing (in that he refused proper requests to leave)? Win.

I farking LOVE how, when he shrieked, “Could someone please do something?” a few hardy souls started taking cell phone video!
I wonder how many were considering the videos potential value as evidence and how many were thinking, “Can’t WAIT to get this shiat on YouTube!”


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