Who the Fuck is Lee Baca?

Sheriff Lee Baca is facing accusations of favoritism after letting Paris Hilton to leave jail Thursday to serve out her sentence at her West Hollywood home.
He dismissed that criticism, saying Friday that Hilton had been ordered to spend an unusually long time behind bars.
Under his department’s early release program, Hilton would not have served any time in jail and would have been put on home electronic monitoring, Baca said.
“The special treatment, in a sense, appears to be because of her celebrity status,” he said. “She got more time in jail.”
After ordering Hilton back to her cell Friday, Superior Court Judge Michael T. Sauer said he “at no time condoned the actions of the sheriff.”
The union representing deputy sheriffs demanded that Baca “put a stop to his special treatment for celebrity inmates.” And county Supervisor Don Knabe said he was stunned to find out Baca released Hilton without consulting the court.


Since when does a Sheriff have the power to determine that the judge who heard the evidence and handed down a sentence was wrong; to rejigger the terms and conditions of that sentence based on his own personal fucking perception of what is fair and just?

Hell, why even HAVE judges?  Just ask Lee Fucking Baca what is right and just and be done with it.

This money-grubbing, celebrity ass-kissing embarrassment to law-enforcement ought to be hauled before a court, charged with contempt and locked the hell up.

It is his JOB to enforce the law and the orders of the court.  It is NOT his job to personally determine whether or not the law/order is fair, and then modify it to suit his own notions of justice. 

In the case at hand, he seems to be saying that the sentence given Paris Hilton is out of line for a DUI case; that others would have received lesser sentences.  IDIOT!  Paris Hilton is not doing time for a DUI.  That skinny, pathetic, spoiled skank was hauled before the court after already having received the merest slap on the wrist for DUI.  She was hauled before the court AGAIN because she flagrantly, wilfully and repeatedly violated the terms of her “slap-on-the-wrist” by driving while suspended…not once, but twice. 

The subsequent sentence was handed down by a judge who, one must suppose, was sick to fucking death of a spoiled rich bitch like Paris Hilton thumbing her nose at the law; behaving as though such restrictions simply do not apply to one so famous, important and rich.  Well, fuck you, Paris.  Do your time and quit snivelling, you pathetic twit.  You are NOT above the law – and neither is Lee Baca.

Paris is finally getting at least some small part of the lesson she so desperately needs.  Perhaps it’s justice…in my mind it doesn’t go far enough.  It’s not her crime that requires severe punishment, it’s her attitude toward taking responsibility for it – the idea that she can simply say, “Oh…I didn’t know I wasn’t allowed to drive…TWICE.  Tee hee.”
Shut the fuck up, Paris.  Stop crying, stop lying and sit your scrawny ass down in your little cell and contemplate the fact that you, like everyone else, must pay the piper when you call the tune.

As for Lee Fucking Baca…he ought to be fired.  No pension, no severence.  Terminated for cause; corruption; accepting bribes, payoffs and favors; eggregiously exceeding his mandate, authority and office.  IN a just world, he’d be locked up in the cell adjoining Paris so they can commiserate with each other about how they were fucked by the system.
Perhaps…just perhaps…listening to each other spout such ridiculous drivel in the face of the overhwelming evidence of their personal moral corruption, it will dawn on them that there is, or at last ought to be, something approaching justice in this broken world.


2 Responses

  1. I disagree my friend. What has been said, is that a first time offender, like Paris, would not have served the time she had been issued by this judge, who himself is quite the freak in my opionion, reading tmz.com and so on, and did you see his handwriting?.

    In addition to that, the Prosecutor is shooting for fame in politics and appears to be capitalizing on this case, as the Sheriff stated. That is to me, America at its worst.

    I was unaware of the fact that the Deputy Sheriffs Union had complained about Baca’s behavior before, but regardless, if others are getting out early on a first or second offense due to overcrowding and so on, why should she be an exception?

    Just an opinion…

  2. A few days more or less for Paris, relative to the average sentence, is meaningless. She is not, nor is any defendant, entitled to the average. They are sentenced by the judge who, considering ALL of the evidence, determines what the appropriate sentence ought to be. Paris TWICE thumbed her nose at the authority of the court, and as a high profile defendant, such behaviour merited a stern response if for no other reason than to demonstrate that rich, privileged defendants do not get special treatment – a valid and valuable message for the court to send.
    As for Lee Baca…this pile of steaming crap repeatedly thumbs his nose at the authority of the court. Based on medical information from HILTON’S OWN DOCTOR, without bothering to seek the approval of the sentencing judge, this s.o.b. took it upon himself to send Paris home.
    He ought to be fired, and investigated thoroughly with regard to the many allegations that he profits from the exercise of his authority.

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