I don’t post about cancer and chemo for a bunch of overlapping reasons, not least my discomfort with expressions of concern and support from truly dear and wonderful friends.
I am a graceless bastard, but I simply cannot bear the loaded way folks ask, “How are you doing?”; the uncertainty that’s still baked into truly excellent test results about which they are overjoyed to learn; the weirdness of not being sicker, especially compared to some of the other patients I’m now sort of semi-regularly dating; the well-meaning advice about everything from keto diets to turmeric to the evils of Big Pharma…
One prefers to shove all that nagging chaos to the back of a dark corner and talk about *other* things.
Still, I would like all of you to know how deeply and sincerely I appreciate your concern and support…and, very practically, your kind generosity in helping me defray the cost of this program of therapeutic nausea and fatigue. As mentioned, all test results are excellent – no signs of anything that makes doctors say, “Hmmm.” I still have my hair…but given the buzzed down layer of grey I wear, it wouldn’t have been especially noticeable anyway.
There are still a few bags left in the rack, but the end is almost in sight.
If you’d like one last shot at kicking in to make me feel reasonably awful for a little bit longer, this is it.
Massive hugs to all y’all. It’s fucking dusty in here.

Loser Trump

A slew of Republicans from Jason Chaffetz to Mitt Romney to Dana Perino to the Bush family have said they won’t vote for Trump. Paul Ryan won’t defend him. Mitch McConnell won’t talk about him.
The RNC has redirected funds from the presidential race to down ticket contests. Republican donors have given up trying to raise money for him and many have demanded a refund.
Trump has no ground game, no advertising budget, has pulled out of Virginia, and is losing ALL of the swing states in every poll.
He is getting his ass stomped to pieces with every demographic except white men without an education. Every time he opens his mouth, he reveals what an ugly, reprehensible, morally bent fraud he really is. He lives in a universe of delusions:

– “Nobody has more respect for women than me.”
– “Nobody knows more about taxes.”
– “Nobody knows more about debt.”
– “Nobody knows more about banking.”
– “There’s nobody bigger or better at the military than I am.”
– “Nobody knows more about trade than me.”
– “There’s nobody who understands the horror of nuclear more than me.”

His running mate and all of his blathering surrogates have been reduced to walking back Trump’s insane rhetoric and trying to downplay his boasting about sexual assault.
Trump has been endorsed by ONE (1) single newspaper in America, a cheap rag in Santa Barbara that doesn’t even explain why they support him. The rest – every single major newspaper in America – has endorsed his opponent while describing him as an unqualified, ignorant, tacky and contemptible existential threat to political commonwealth.
But Trump insists that the ONLY way he can lose the election is if black people steal it by each voting multiple times, and urges his rancid followers to hang about the polls watching those “other communities” to ensure his delusional expectation of victory is not ripped from his stubby little fingers.

If this ain’t technically treason, it damn well ought to be.

Trump claims the election is rigged.


It’s a good move – works whether he zigs or zags.
Quits: “The election is rigged. I won’t climb in the ring for a fixed fight.”
Loses: “The election was rigged. That’s why I lost.”

It’s also another reason why he can’t win. You can’t whine and mewl that the fix is in, and then claim the results are legitimate because you actually won.
Trump always wins. When he goes bankrupt, HE wins…everyone else loses.
This is no different.

You don’t rig a fight by paying someone to win. You rig a fight by paying someone to take a dive. The whole point of the fix is simply to know the outcome. You can bet for the winner, bet against the loser, pick the round.
“Say it…Your ass goes down in the 5th.”

Donald knows the outcome. Despite the fact that all his efforts to throw this thing – blatant racism, insults, slander, madness – only make him more popular with the rubes he’s conning, worming his way out of ever being president is the one thing he can control.
THAT’S the single thing he knows and, therefore, that’s where he will stack his chips.
All that remains is to find the best excuse that lets him play the victim.

The media is against him, the Democrats are against him, the REPUBLICANS are against him…
The racist Black Lives Matters people – they hate him.
Fags and Liberals…the Christian haters – they hate him, too.
Mexican judges hate him.
No one stands up for the troops – no one LOVES the troops like Donald, who wants to make America safe, but he’s being attacked by Muslims!!!
(Some people say their son was a jihadi…I read that many times.)
Poor righteous Donald.

The only question is whether he picks a round to flop or makes it to the final bell.
If he gets off his stool for the debates, Hillary will absolutely crush him. Any question of who wins the election will be settled by some significant margin as a matter of which one is the sane adult and which is a blathering idiot (not that there were any doubt).
He will be rude, petulant, shallow, uninformed, insulting, untethered and mendacious. He will try to bully Clinton in his juvenile schoolyard fashion. Whether she slaps him back or rises above it won’t matter.
He ain’t prepared for any of this.
Debating Yale law 30-year policy wonk Hillary Clinton…dog, that’s the big leagues. She will kick the absolute last bit of shit out of that delusional and ignorant puffed up grifter.
I watched all 11 hours of her testimony before Trey Gowdy’s little Benghazi ratfuck. I’ve never much liked Hillary Clinton but, brother, let me tell you something: she is SHARP, and she knows exactly how and when to punch. She’s the real deal heavyweight and anyone who underestimates her is making a terrible mistake.
Except, of course, in the eyes of Trump’s Jersey Shore supporters, who only want to see him be rude to Hillary. In their eyes, all his playground haymakers landed. He smoked her on rude points alone!
He TRUMPED that bitch!

It won’t matter that the fight is scored 65-35 on all three judges cards; that the Republican party from Mitch McConnell on down all withdrew their endorsements; that Sarah Palin finally threw in the towel and publicly voted for Hillary…
For Snooki and The Situation, the fix was in all along.

Snooki and Sitch are 100% right – the fix is in.
It just ain’t that fix.

“How do we get progressives and Liberals to vote for a hawkish, fiscally conservative candidate that’s in the pocket of the oligarchy and pals around with Henry Kissinger?”

Make the alternative too monstrous and ugly to contemplate.

Checkmate, motherfuckers.

DNC Email Hack

I remember being in a campaign phone bank for a Nova Scotia byelection in the 1980’s. Volunteers were calling all the senior citizens in the riding who were registered members of the candidate’s party, asking if they needed a ride to the polls on election day – a Get Out the Vote effort.
A heavyweight party bagman (which in days gone by simply meant the man with free bottles of rum and an asphalt truck) slithered in to collect or drop off cheques.
He was flabbergasted. “Listen,” he said, “Get a list of all the seniors that are registered for the other party. Call up, tell them you’re with the other guy’s campaign and promise them a ride to the polls. Then don’t show up. If they manage to get there at all, maybe they’re so pissed off they vote for us. That’s how you win elections.”

The DNC under Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her minions was in the tank for Clinton and playing gutterball with Bernie. Well, fetch my fainting sofa and my clutching pearls!
None of that should surprise anyone.
They were doing it from the very beginning, right out in the open.
If you’re looking for reasons why Sanders didn’t win, the media alternating between ignoring the man and slandering his positions with blatant falsehoods deserves far more of your scorn than those lightweight ratfuckers.
Sadly, it’s being hoovered up like a mixture of cocaine and rocket fuel by petulant children who seem determined to elect Donald Trump.

Hell of a high wire act.

Both Sides Redux

Donald Trump is a racist. He’s a liar and a fraud. He’s an ignorant, arrogant, uncurious, vicious, juvenile, petty douchebag.
The idea that he could possibly be considered for the office of president while dragging behind him gangs of venal hypocrites, Christopathic theocrats, science deniers, gun nuts and Klansmen is both horrifying and deeply disturbing.

Donald Trump must be stopped. And not just by losing the election.
Donald Trump and the entire Republican party must be given an electoral beatdown of epic proportions – chain whipped so severely that the story is used to frighten children.
The party that unified behind him must be curb-stomped and left in the gutter.
It must be made absolutely clear to all who voted for him that such egregious offense to the very idea of political commonwealth – of government itself – will be rejected with the complete and total contempt it deserves.

It is frustrating that the Democrats make stopping him such a disheartening exercise in ethical hypocrisy.

This primary cycle reminded me of all the reasons I preferred Barack Obama in 2008. It also reminded in very profound ways of all the reasons I really don’t like Hillary Clinton.
The same sort of tactics and arrogance; the weaknesses as a general election candidate that made me prefer Obama are all still there, with the addition of new and more significant issues.
Let’s get the stipulations out of the way: Clinton is wicked smart, deeply experienced, absolutely competent and qualified to occupy the office. She is infinitely better than Donald Trump or any other Republican who sought the nomination. She is not Satan.

Clinton also has a very long string of targets trailing behind her that make her, in my view, the weaker Democratic candidate in the general election: Goldman Sachs, the Iraq war vote, emails, Libya, Syria, Honduras, NAFTA/TPP, Bosnian sniper fire…
All of the foregoing in addition to the right wing ratfucking fever dreams (Benghazi et al) that are articles of faith among the Dittohead hordes.
She is viewed as untrustworthy and inauthentic; has higher unfavourable numbers with a majority of voters, and is the least liked candidate in electoral history except for her opponent.
She did, however, win more Democratic primary votes and more states than Bernie Sanders.
Some argue that the primary process was bent from the moment 500+ superdelegates created Hillary’s “insurmountable lead” before a single ballot was ever cast. I’ll leave aside voter registration problems, rule changes, miscounts, coin flips, the refusal of democratic superdelegates in individual states to follow the will of their constituents, and the media alternating between ignoring Sanders or dismissing him with shallow falsehoods about his policies.
Nevertheless, despite having fallen short in the Democratic primary, Bernie Sanders still polls better than Clinton nationally; in swing states; among independents, and puts red states in play. He is viewed as honest and trustworthy by solid majorities of Democrats, Republicans and independents. He drives turnout for the Democrats – specifically the possibly significant crowds threatening to stay home, vote third party, or cast a spiteful ballot for Trump. He didn’t take a dime from Wall St., voted against the Iraq war, and isn’t being investigated by the FBI.
He gives anti-establishment Conservatives (for whom Clinton is evil in shoes) an excuse to abandon the ignorant embarrassment leading their party, and also appeals to rust belt Republicans who are angry about the loss of manufacturing and blame Hillary for NAFTA.

I believe the Democratic party is missing an opportunity, as the Republicans nominate a racist jackass with extra-terrestrial hair, to offer an alternative to the status quo that is not only what Americans want but what America desperately needs – one that reflects the ideals the Democratic party claims to represent.

But Bernie Sanders ain’t the nominee.
Fuck. Such a disappointment.
The choice before the voter, then, will be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.
“It’s like choosing the noose or the electric chair.”

Welcome to being a Liberal – where the fight never ends, and you never get to win a fucking thing without some retrograde asshole trying to take it away.
It’s time to put down your sippy cup and change your Pampers.
This election is NOT just Hillary or Donald.

Donald brings with him the Freedom Caucus, Paul Ryan’s budget, Inhofe’s snowball and Sarah Palin’s “Drill, baby, drill.” He brings two (maybe four) Supreme Court Justices, all eight paces to the right of Antonin Scalia.
He starts deporting people, banning Muslims, disqualifying judges who rule against him, suing any reporter who asks a question he doesn’t like, and cutting the same sort of crooked deals with China that drove his casinos into bankruptcy.
A belligerent, thin-skinned, narcissistic moron who lavishes praise on sycophants and vitriolic slime on all others. A vacillating buffoon completely confident in the accuracy of his own myopic delusions. A man who uses a presidential debate to talk about his dick and who publicly expresses that, you know, if his daughter weren’t his daughter…

Hillary Rodham Clinton, peace be upon her, brings with her Liz Warren, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Al Franken (he’s good enough, he’s smart enough and people like him), and former President Barack Hussein Obama (you thought he had zero fucks to give now).
If some smug pricks get off their ass and vote, she’ll have a Senate with 56 Democrats in it and a Congress with fewer Republicans, some of whom President Clinton can shiv into line with fear of re-election (“Go ahead – vote against the Clinton infrastructure spending in your home district – see how your constituents like that.”)

Hillary can’t be president forever. What the hell sort of mess are you trying to make for Liz Warren to clean up?
On what moral basis can you shove gays back in the closet, give theocrats the right to inflict bigotry under the guise of faith, destroy health care, education and the environment while enshrining “No taxes for the rich – sink or swim, fuckers” as the governing economic principle for the next four years?
On what basis do you inflict Kansas’ economy, Mississippi’s race relations, Pat Robertson’s curriculum, Louie Gohmert’s abortion laws, Pam Geller’s outreach to Muslims, and the DayGlo orange candidate’s “Climate change is a Chinese hoax” on the country because YOU’RE too fucking pure to vote against Donald Trump?

This argument from moral purity is contemptible, not least because it is premised on a lie.
The predicate assertion is that both parties are equally bad, equally corrupt, and equally uninterested in helping the poor and middle class.
One party is bent on destroying the poor and middle class. They want to repeal health care, privatize education, end food stamps, eliminate the EPA (the rich can BUY lead-free drinking water) and ban both abortion and education about condoms.
They want an end to Pell grants, contracts for more private prisons, a nationwide crackdown on voter fraud (!), the end of welfare, Social Security and Medicare. They shut down the government with petulant tantrums and threaten to force the country to default on its debts if they don’t get their way.
They openly demand that judges be appointed AND REMOVED based on any ruling that does not comport with their god bothering, gun fetish or freedom to be bigots.
They aren’t rational and they damn sure ain’t adults. They are all lining up behind a man they’re too morally bankrupt to admit is a racist because they’ve been relying on racists since Nixon.
They scuttled the Paris Peace talks; sold missiles to mullahs; ran death squads in Central America; lied about WMD’s; propped up Noriega, Gaddafi and Hussein, and TORTURED people.

Please…show me anything even distantly orbiting equivalent malfeasance by the Democrats.
I’ll wait.
Bill Clinton got a blowjob and lied about it. Hillary wasn’t careful about her email.
You can mewl about her taking cash from bankers and fucking up Libya all you want. None of it comes close to the cracked madness and venal hypocrisy of the GOP over the past 40 years.
“Hillary’s the status quo.”
Damn her. Damn her to HELL.

Are the Democrats too deep in the pocket of Wall St. and the corporate sector? Absolutely.
Is Hillary Clinton likely to sic the SEC on Goldman Sachs? I wouldn’t take any bets.
Trump and the Republicans must be stopped. Period.
I get that you’re too righteous to sully your sparkly moral perch with anything like a vote for Hillary Clinton. But you damn well need to vote against Trump.
It just requires marking the ballot the same way.
Think of it as voting for Obama, again. And for Liz Warren. And WITH Bernie Sanders…who will also vote against Trump.

IF the people who were motivated to engage politics because of Bernie Sanders STAY engaged then, over the course of the next four years…and the next decade, we’ll be able to gain some ground instead of watching every gain of the past eight years rolled back and then some.
And there will STILL be retrograde assholes trying to claw back every inch.
You oppose those rat bastards BY OPPOSING THEM.
Welcome, again, to being a Liberal. Get used to heartbreak and disappointment.
Refusing to vote is not a question of principle. It’s nothing more than surrender under a smug and pretentious facade. YOU are who Hannah Arendt was talking about when she remarked on the banality of evil.
If you’re not in the fight – if you REALLY believe both sides are equally awful and you’re just going to maintain that aura of condescension from the sidelines, at least shut the fuck up. I’m tired of hearing how goddamn clean your hands are.

#BlackLivesMatter and Bernie Sanders

People claiming to represent BLM disrupted Bernie Sanders’ rally.

Original headline: BLM ATTACKS SANDERS.
Updated headline: NOT MEMBERS OF BLM

In the interim, I’ve been flooded with posts by angry white Liberals, incensed that anyone would DARE to protest at a rally for Bernie Sanders.

“Don’t they KNOW that Bernie is on their side?”

Immediately people began alleging that the protesters MUST be ratfkrs in the employ of Hillary Clinton, out to harm a serious threat to her candidacy.
OR they are ratfkrs in the employ of the GOP out to sow discord among the Democrats.
(Pro tip: Democrats have never needed outside help for that.)

Then came social media posts, allegedly from BLM “Leaders” disavowing these activists.
THEN those posts were taken down – the “Leaders” were not really “Leaders.”

BLM does not have leaders. It does not have “members”.
It is not a Liberal or Conservative group – the issues around unarmed people of colour being killed by police cuts across the political divide (or it damn well should).
If someone protesting under the BLM banner turns out to be a Christian, or a Conservative, or even a spoiled rotten, attention seeking nutter, they are no less likely to be a victim of unwarranted police violence. If pulling out one’s rosary and a Mitt Romney campaign sign were enough to make cops holster their weapons, someone should let the black community know – it would save lives.

Liberals seem to be outraged that a black person would dare to protest at a Bernie Sanders rally…because, they say, Bernie is on their side. This absolutely reeks of white condescension.
YOU don’t get to TELL black people who is and who ain’t on their side.
YOU don’t get to TELL black people not to protest at Democratic rallies because you think the Republicans are guiltier or less sympathetic or anything else.

In my view, it remains perfectly fair for people of colour to protest systemic racism at ANY political rally; to demand that the issue of state sanctioned violence inflicted on minorities be addressed. That the Democrats are arguably more responsive to the concerns of minorities than Republicans (in your view) does not equate with “Democrats are paying sufficient attention to the problem of systemic racism and white privilege.”

None of the foregoing means I dislike Bernie (I like him quite a lot).
It doesn’t mean I agree with the methods employed by these protesters.
It doesn’t mean I don’t think the GOP plays, by a large margin, a much bigger role in perpetuating systemic racism in America.
What it does mean is that white Liberals don’t get to tell black people to sit down and shut up because THEY support Bernie Sanders. It means that white Liberals don’t get to choose when it’s appropriate for black people to speak out. It means that black people have a right to disrupt your political rally whether or not they are Christians, Conservatives or once had a Sarah Palin button on her backpack when she was a kid.
It means YOU don’t get to be snotty and condescending because you don’t like her TONE or her ATTITUDE (while whinging about Joe Scarborough implying that the president is too uppity).

The reaction is far more appalling than the protest.
I’m about to unfriend one particular moronic asshole who has posted on numerous occasions how it’s absolutely, perfectly obvious that these protesters are being paid by Hillary Clinton to prevent Bernie from beating her.
“WHO else benefits??? WHO was a member of the Young Republicans???? FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!”
It’s not even the brainless fucking stupidity of that claim – as if Hillary would risk the total destruction of her campaign; becoming an object of loathing and contempt in order to fuck with a couple of Bernie’s rallies. It’s the goddamned blathering, certain paranoia that must be constantly lurking just beneath the surface. I’ve always had little patience for stupid. Some people don’t even toe the line…they dive head first into the deep end before the gun even sounds.

Apparently it’s too much for white Liberals to wrap their heads around the idea that a black Christian Conservative might not see the issue as Democrats = friends / Republicans = enemies; that PERHAPS these protesters see the problem as much broader than that – a problem of white privilege which has received insufficient attention from BOTH political parties (or maybe she even places more blame on the Democrats).
You can disagree with her about that…but you DON’T get to tell her to shut the fuck up and behave when Bernie’s talking. And you sure as hell don’t, on the back of flimsy evidence and fabricated, absolutely certain delusions, get to start tossing around slanderous accusations about anyone being a paid ratfkr JUST because they’re not the sort of black person YOU think they’re supposed to be.

There’s no doubt this issue is not going away anytime soon and this will not be the last I have to say about it. In the meantime, here’s hoping people give a little more thought to their reflexive presumptions and slanderous allegations around this issue.